Minecraft Cake Ideas – June 2021

cool minecraft cake ideas

Minecraft is as popular as ever & millions of fans worldwide enjoy the innovative building & adventure game on a daily basis.

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next gaming inspired delights? We’ve hand picked a few that might peak your interest.

Here are the top 5 coolest Minecraft cake ideas that you can take inspiration from this summer.

Bright & Detailed TNT Birthday Cake

minecraft tnt cake

This beautiful & detailed creation comes from Reddit user u/IronMaidan which she crafted for her son’s birthday celebration.

This pixel perfect confection looks like it was plucked right out of the game. Does it taste as good as it looks? We’ll have to leave that to the imagination.

Just don’t light any candles near this cake or you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

Diamond Pickaxe Cake

diamond pickaxe cake

Another tasty Minecraft confection comes to life in the shape of the ever popular diamond pickaxe.

This cake was designed by Reddit user u/phat_hobbit for their child’s birthday. The attention to detail & variation of color makes this tasty Minecraft treat jump right out of the screen.

This one definitely looks like it tastes as good as it looks!

Realistic Grass Block Cake

minecraft cake ideas grass block

Wow! The detail on this handmade Minecraft inspired cake is on point. Shaped after a simple dirt block, the most abundant block in the Minecraft universe.

Looks amazing & probably tastes just as good! Baked by Reddit user u/Alternative-Food3364‘s totally cool sister.

Sleeping Fox Minecraft Cake

minecraft fox cake

This cute & colorful sleeping fox inspired cake is definitely one of our favorites. We’re not sure what flavor it is but i’d have to guess that it’s a simple butter cream icing dyed to perfection.

This masterpiece was created by Reddit user u/ohsnap8186 for his lovely wife’s birthday. True love.

Creepy Cool Mint Creeper Cake

We’re not entirely sure what flavor this tasty looking Minecraft creation would be. We’re taking a guess & shooting for mint because that would be an interesting twist.

The added chocolate textures will make for an extra layer of sweetness to overload your tastebuds.

Beautiful design & execution by Reddit user u/shanesdogbax‘s nephew.

These are the coolest & best executed Minecraft cakes that we have seen so far this month. We hope you found inspiration in this article for your next creation!

Please drop a comment or a photo of your own Minecraft confections in the comments below.

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