Minecraft Cartography Table: Uses & Information

minecraft cartography table

Have you found a cartography table in a village and wondered what it does? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the Minecraft cartography table and mapping out your Minecraft worlds.

What is the Cartography Table?

You will most commonly find cartography tables generated inside villages. These tables are used by cartographer villagers.

You can also craft cartography tables with 2 paper and 4 wood planks.

The cartography table is used to clone, expand, lock, and zoom out maps. In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, cartography tables are also used for adding locators with a compass.

How to Use the Cartography Table?

The cartography table has 2 slots that determine the end resulting item.

The table below shows recipes and the results.

First SlotSecond SlotResult
MapPaperExpanded Clear Map
MapEmpty MapCloned Map
MapGlass PaneLocked Map
MapCompassLocator Map*
Empty MapCompassEmpty Locator Map*
PaperEmpty Map*
PaperCompassEmpty Locator Map*
*Bedrock Edition only

Expanding a Map

Expanding a map to cover more area will keep the same center, while also clearing the map and expanding the view. There are 5 zoom levels for maps.

The table below simplifies some of the map zooms levels.

Zoom LevelZoom 0/4Zoom 1/4Zoom 2/4Zoom 3/4Zoom 4/4
1 Map Pixel Represents1 block2×2 blocks4×4 blocks8×8 blocks16×16 blocks
(1×1) chunk
Total Coverage128×128 blocks

(8×8) chunks
256×256 blocks

(16×16) chunks
512×512 blocks

(32×32) chunks
1024×1024 blocks

(64×64) chunks
2048×2048 blocks

(128×128) chunks
Total Paper to zoom out from Level 01 Java Edition

8 Bedrock Edition
2 Java Edition

16 Bedrock Edition
3 Java Edition

24 Bedrock Edition
4 Java Edition

32 Bedrock Edition

Cloning a Map

When cloning maps, parts of the world that have already been explored will be copied. When new territory is mapped out both maps will show the newly explored areas.

If one of the maps would be zoomed out the cloned maps will no longer be connected and share their explorations.

The cloned map will also share the same zoom level as the initial map regardless of the zoom level of the empty map.

Locked Maps

A locked map will keep the map data the exact same as initial map used in crafting.

While a regular map may update when a base or any terrain alterations are performed. A locked map will always stay the same, assuming it was crafted before the terrain was adjusted.

Locator Maps

In the Bedrock Edition empty maps can be crafted with 9 paper. This is referred to as an empty map. This can be made into a locator map by placing this empty map and a compass in the cartography table.

You can also craft an empty locator map by using 8 paper and 1 compass as well in the Bedrock Edition. This crafted map is also known as the “empty map” in the Java Edition.

In the Java edition all players receive a marker of their position on a map. While maps without player markers can only be crafted in the Bedrock Edition.

We hope you found this guide on the Minecraft cartography table helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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