Minecraft Simburbia: How to play

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Have you ever wanted to build a functioning city in Minecraft with NPCs? Or have you ever wanted to get into city building games like City Skylines or SimCity but don’t know where to start? Then Simburbia is for you!

What is it?

Simburbia is a city simulator Minecraft map mod created by Jigarbov Productions.

In Simburbia you take the role as mayor of your city and you can build whatever type of city you want.

minecraft simburbia download how to play

You are able to interact with your citizens as well as the shops and other buildings.

You will also have to fight off disasters that threaten your city such as volcanos or creepers.


When you first start you will have the option to choose whether you want disasters on or disasters off.

Once you choose your mode you will spawn in and do a brief tutorial by talking to your advisor.

He will run through basic zoning of your power plant, residential, commercial, and industrial hubs.

Make sure you pay attention to where you’re building your zones. Citizens living in your residential zones won’t like living next to an industrial park, but would love to live close to a commercial zone to shop.

Buildings like power plants and parks have a monthly cost, so try to balance your budget.

You can also walk around and talk to your citizens because they can give you tips or fill you in on some secrets around the map.

Here is a quick tutorial video made by Jigarbov:

Where to get it?

Simburbia was initially released in 2014; however, a newer version was released on December 14, 2020 for free as part of the Minecraft Community Celebration.

Simburbia can be downloaded on the Minecraft Marketplace for whatever device you play Minecraft on.

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