Minecraft Snapshot 20w50a: What To Expect?

minecraft snapshot 20w50a

This week did not see the release of Minecraft Snapshot 20w50a for the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update.

Last week saw the fourth snapshot, 20w49a, be released on the Java edition which featured Sculk Sensors to spice up your Redstone builds.

Check out our article about some Sculk Sensor builds and ideas! However, many fans are wondering what could featured in the next snapshot.

Here are some of our ideas of what to expect in the next snapshot for Minecraft.

New Mobs:

So far we know of a few new mobs coming in the Caves & Cliffs update such as the Warden, Axolotl, and Goats. None of these have been added into any snapshots as of yet.


While goats are currently in the Bedrock Edition with Experimental Gameplay enabled they are currently not available on any of the Java Edition snapshots.

snapshot minecraft goat

Goats spawn in the mountains and attack by charging at a target and knocking them back. If a goat misses their charge and hits a block instead a goat horn can be dropped and picked up.

Goats can only drop two horn each and you can tell how many horns a goat has by looking at its model.

The Warden

The Warden is a blind mob featured in the new deep dark biome and are incredibly strong. When it senses movement or vibrations the Warden will walk towards the source of the noise.

the warden update minecraft snapshot

New Biomes:

Deep Dark Biome

The deep dark biome is a new biome home to the Warden along with Sculk blocks and the Sculk Sensor blocks.

Given that the Sculk Sensor block was added in the most recent 20w49a snapshot, our best guess is that the deep dark biome is going to be coming shortly along with the Warden and other Sculk blocks.

Lush Caves

Lush caves are another new biome adding plant life and growth to caves. These biomes can be found under the new azalea trees.

These caves will contain glowberries along with spore blossoms. Axolotl also will spawn in these biomes.

lush caves minecraft snapshot


Another new feature that has yet to be added is the new archeological dig sites. These semi-underground structures house archeological items and ceramic shards.

With the new brush players in archeological sites will be able to brush gravel and dirt blocks to find these new archeological items and shards.

The shards can then be used on an unfired clay pots. By lighting a fire underneath the pot you create a painted clay pot that will incorporate whatever shards you put in.

Check Back For Updates

While none of this information is confirmed and mostly speculation, there is a high possibility we can expect these in the next snapshot.

We’ll have all of the official release information when snapshot 20w50a is released.

Are you excited for the Minecraft 1.17 update next year?

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