Mining Simulator 2 Value List 2022 (June) – MS2 Values

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Mining Simulator 2 is the latest click-and-grind simulator to start showing some popularity on Roblox. As with most grinding simulator games there is an active & growing Discord community dedicated to trading pets & getting the best value.

We’ve worked with to bring you the best & most accurate Mining Simulator 2 value list & database tools to increase your trading game & trade safer. Below you will find a master database of every pet & their estimated value.

Mining Simulator 2 Value List 2022 (June) – MS2 Values

mining simulator 2 value list by

Every pet in Mining Simulator 2 has a value but most pets don’t have a lot of demand. The most strongest & popular pets are Legendaries, Robux & Secret Pets so these will have the most use & value in the game.

You can use the official Mining Simulator 2 value list by or use the quick reference table below.

Pet NameNormal ValueShiny Value
Brilliant Gem15004000
Crystal Cuboid2560
Cyber Comet3580
Dark Dragon816
Dominus Aureus14003500
Dominus Empyreus14003500
Dominus Frigidus14003500
Dominus Infernus14003500
Dominus Messor14003500
Dominus Rex14003500
Frost Wisp712
Giant Robot25007500
Infernal Revenant700019500
King Hydra3575
King Penguin48
Nebular Demon1026
Neon Abyss9002300
Omega One8002200
Slime Cube822
Tetra Cube70185

We will update this value list when new bots are added after every update. Since there is no implicit value or a designated system to value pets the values are represented as a currency.

So for example if one pet is worth “10” and another pet is worth “1000” you would need to trade 100 pets valued at “10” for a fair trade.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about the Mining Simulator 2 value list to get started trading like a pro! Make sure you join the official MS2 Discord server to join the trading community.

Please drop a comment below if you have any other questions or concerns about official Mining Simulator 2 values.

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