Mortegore Scrolls: Wow Shadowlands Quest Guide

lord mortgore wow shadowlands

What Are Mortegore Scrolls?

Moretgore Scrolls drop from random mobs within the Death’s End area of Revendreth. Four are required in order to summon Lord Mortegore. This may take a while, however, as the drop chance is pretty low.

Mortegore Scrolls are unique, so you can only hold one at a time. This means you need to use them as you pick them up.

The good news? They also do not bind on pickup, so you can, potentially, trade with other players, or buy them from the Auction House.

Where do I find Mortegore Scrolls?

Random mobs, in Death’s End in Revendreth (approximate coordinates: 75.53, 60.82), have a chance to drop a Mortegore Scroll. Although players will need to be patient as the drop chance ranges anywhere from 2-8% depending on the mob.

Mobs to focus on

Maldraxxi Defectors, Retained Lookouts, and Retained Traffickers all have the highest drop rate at only 8%. While Lichsworn Necromancer sits at 7%, Retained Supplier at 6%, Carved Sniffer, Heftor, and Stacka all at 3%, and Big Shiny has the lowest drop rate at only 2%.

Players need to collect four scrolls in total. Each Scroll will activate one of four Mortegore Sigils. Once all four sigils are activated, the Mortegore Obelisk will then Summon Lord Mortegore.

Lord Mortegore – Elite Mob

world of warcraft shadowlands mortegore

Lord Mortegore is a level 62 rare, elite mob, with a decent loot pool, and is required for the Adventurer of Revendreth achievement.

Notably, Mortegore has a chance to drop a handful of items which grant the player 35 Anima each. The drop rates on these items range from 8% from Noble’s Draught to Bloodbound Globule at 15%.

It’s recommended that players have a group to take him down, as he has 750k HP and hits pretty hard. Mortegore is also able to cast Bone Spike, Spectral Axe, and Bone Armor, so be mindful of the AoEs when taking him on.

Aside from that, other notable drops include the mail helmet Skull-Formed Headcage, an ilevel 85 blue with 22 agility or intellect, based on spec, 39 stamina, 26 haste, and 17 versatility.

The second piece worth mentioning is Withering Plague drop, which adds the Withering Plague conduit to your Forge of Bonds collection. Withering Plague is a Potency Conduit that grants Death Knight’s Heart Strike ability an increased 15% damage to enemies infected with Blood Plague.

For a more in-depth look at Lord Mortegore’s loot pool, check that out here.

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