Mysterious Fragments Roblox Islands: How to Get & Use Them

mysterious portal roblox islands

The Mysterious Portal Update was an update on Roblox Islands that came out in September 2021. To craft the Mysterious Portal you must first find the Mysterious Fragments! In this article we go over exactly how to get all 4 fragments and craft the portal.

How to Get the Mysterious Fragments

Roblox Islands came out with their Mysterious Portal Update in September 2021. In order to craft the Mysterious Portal you will need to collect all 4 Mysterious Fragments.

Each fragment is held by 4 different bosses on each of their respective islands! The Slime King boss, the Kor boss, the Wizard boss and the Bhaa boss.

The Slime King is located on Slime Island, Kor is located in the Diamond Mines, the Wizard Boss is located on Wizard Island, and Bhaa is located on Desert Island.

bhaa boss islands roblox

You’ll need to fight and kill each of the bosses multiple times in order to get each fragment. The drop rate is 5% for every boss except for the Slime King whose drop rate is 10%.

The bosses in Islands can be pretty challenging, so don’t expect for this to be a fast process considering how low the drop rates are. The fragments are also untradeable, so don’t bother with attempting to buy them from other players or vending machines.

To make it easier on yourself it is recommended to team up with friends or other players to kill each boss. This will make the grind much faster & less stressful to complete compared to attempting it solo.

Eventually with enough patience & grinding a fragment will drop from the bosses once you’ve defeated them.

Crafting the Mysterious Portal

craft mysterious fragments roblox islands

Crafting the Mysterious Portal is pretty straightforward. After you have collected all 4 pieces, you will now be able to craft the portal using a tier 3 or higher Workbench.

Just like each one of the fragments, the portal cannot be dropped, traded, or put into vending machines and chests.

After you craft it all you have to do is place it on your island and walk through. The portal takes you to the Underworld, where you can find and fight a boss called the Infernal Dragon!

The Infernal Dragon costs 750 Underworld tokens to summon & does not have a cooldown timer like other bosses. When defeated it drops an Infernal Egg 100% of the time & also has a less than 1% chance to drop a Jukebox Disc.

You can open Infernal Eggs by holding “F” on the keyboard. These eggs have a 1% chance of containing a Dragon Pet Egg & a 9% chance of dropping an Opal Sword Hilt which is used to craft the Dragonslayer sword.

infernal dragon roblox islands

Wrapping Up

That is exactly how you can find all four Mysterious Fragments and craft the Mysterious Portal! Have you found all the fragments and crafted the portal?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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