Pet Simulator X in Roblox has been a hot topic in the Roblox community right now.

The game features a unique and fun experience, with real-life merchandise that people can buy.

Its newest products are the new Pet Simulator X Corgi and Duck plushies on sale.

Yet where can we buy these and how much are they?

Where to Buy Huge Corgi & Huge Ducky Plushies

pet simulator x huge corgi huge ducky plushies

The best place to buy these huge Corgi and Ducky plushies is on the official website of BIG Games.

Here, you can see their two newest merchandise, the Corgi Plush And Ducky Plush.

Both items are limited and priced at 49.99 US Dollars. In around 5 to 10 days, the Huge Corgi or Huge Ducky plushy will be shipped and placed at your doorstep or in the mailbox immediately.

Both plushies are soft, well-stitched, and 100 percent polyester, so they are huggable and child friendly.

Additionally, unique redeemable codes with instructions will be shipped so you can get your pet in Roblox Pet Simulator X.

How to Claim Corgi & Ducky Merch Codes

So when you have your plushy and your mech codes, how can you use them?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim your merch codes.

  1. Open Pet Simulator X.

  2. Go into Your Pets, and then Shop.

  3. Click on Redeem button inside the Redeem for Exclusive Pets section.

  4. Input your Merch Code and click on Redeem!

  5. Congratulations! You have your Plushy as your Pet in Pet Simulator X!
    Roblox Content Creator Pet Inventor has this video guide just for you.

The Huge Corgi should have the unique effects of Best Friend and Coins V, while the Huge Ducky should have the special effects of Best Friend and Chest Breaker II.

The Best Friends effect lets your Huge Pets be as strong as your best pet; the Coins V effect lets your Huge Corgi earn 100% more coins and the

Chest Breaker II effect lets your Huge Ducky deal 100% more damage to chests.

With one or both of these pets and plushies, you will indeed dominate the game and keep yourself company in real life with some of the best and cutest Pet Simulator X characters.

So be sure to keep yourself updated by following the official BIG Games Twitter or checking their official websites for new and upcoming merch.