The team behind Pet Sim X is finally coming out with new exclusive Huge Pet plushies, including the Huge Dog and the Huge Dragon. That means players can bring their pets into the real world!

Which New Plushies are Coming?

huge dog dragon plushy pet sim x
The Huge Dog and Huge Dragon have community fans excited, both coming with a redeemable code to get the same Huge Dog or Huge Dragon in-game as an exclusive pet!

The plushies are thoughtfully shaped after their digital counterparts, made with 100% polyester, and are a fair size at about six by eight by eight inches.

The Dog has an adorable puppy face with floppy ears, while the Dragon has horns and cute, tiny wings.

How Do You Get a Plushie?

Head over to Pet Sim X’s web store (listed under their developer name, BIG Games), where both the Huge Dog and Huge Dragon are listed, along with images, material type, and size.

Currently, the web store says both are ‘sold out’ as they have not yet launched the brand new plushies.

However, users can purchase the plushies from this page when the launch goes live. The estimated price may be around $60.

When are the Plushies Coming Out?

The Huge Dog & Huge Dragon plushies go on sale Tuesday, March 15th at 11 am CST.

This is the only time & chance that you will have to purchase one, so make sure you act fast!

Are They Limited Edition Plushies?

huge dog dragon plushy pet sim x
Since the Huge Cat plushie was a limited-edition item with only 5000 ever made, we can assume that the Huge Dog and Huge Dragon will also be limited edition.

The Huge Cat plushies sold out in under two minutes on launch day, meaning when these new plushies are ready to launch, they may also sell out very quickly.

How Do You Redeem a Plushie Code?

When you receive the plushie in the mail, you will find either a tag, card, or a piece of paper along with the plushie with a code written on it. That will be your redeeming code and is used in-game.

Go to the Exclusive Shop in Pet Sim X and scroll down to the ‘Official Pet Simulator Plushies’ tab. Once you click the ‘redeem’ button, it will ask you to input the unique redeeming code you received with your plushie.

Once you hit ‘redeem’ again, you will receive your Huge Dog or Dragon Pet!

Wrapping Up

The Huge Dog and Huge Dragon plushies are new, limited-time plushies that the Pet Sim X community highly anticipates.

The game devs behind Pet Sim X will be giving updates on launch day, as when they go live, these cute plushies will be available for only a short time.