If you have been following one of the most popular games in Roblox for the past few weeks, you must have played or at least gotten a glimpse of Nico’s Nextbots.

Created in July by a Roblox user named n1nicopatty, the goal is to survive Nico’s Nextbots as long as you can by avoiding the bots that are out to kill you.

Nico’s Nextbots has been slowly getting minor updates, and the most recent patch has been the Blackout Update.

It features a couple of changes that improve the gameplay experience.

Here is a brief rundown and guide to the Blackout Update.

What is the Blackout Update on Nico’s Nextbots?

Blackout Update is a gameplay patch in Nico’s Nextbots that adds an event where all lights on the map get turned off, called a Blackout.

This event triggers when the owner of Nico’s Nextbots private server you are playing in types out the command /blackout.

When this happens, players are encouraged to use their flashlights to enhance their vision.

To resolve this issue, players need to activate power boxes, or generators, hidden around the map for the lights to turn back on.

How to Turn the Power Back on in Nico’s Nextbots

nicos nextbots how to turn the power back on
Players must approach all map power boxes and interact with them to make the Blackout disappear.

You will need to activate 5 of the power boxes on the map when the power goes out. So each time the power goes out, it will be five different, random ones.

Below are possible generator or power box locations.

  • Behind Stephenson’s Ramen shop beside a bunch of lockers.

  • In the hallway with a couple of washrooms behind Stephen’s Ramen shop.

  • Another is outside this hallway and into the annex with multiple storage spaces. It is across the washroom hallway and beside the escalator.

  • The storage room has three power boxes. One is beside a truck, another beside a garage door, and another behind a bunch of cargos.

  • The server room and the room across have a few.

  • The Subclub shop has a power box in it.

  • McBabbers and the room across it also have power boxes in them.

  • Nico’s Club has a power box beside the square seating space near the DJ booth.

  • In the grocery store is a small room with one power box.

  • Six power boxes can be found on the bottom floor of the parking lot.

  • Two power boxes are on the second floor of the parking lot and another two on the third floor, beside the portable toilets and in the corner near it.

  • The final power box in the parking lot is in the stairway from the third floor.

Finding these by reading the article may be challenging. So instead, you can check this video by Roblox player Votex to see the locations.

Other Gameplay Updates

Aside from the Blackout event, the update also brought more Nextbots, bug fixes, and global shadows improvement.

For more updates on Nico’s Nextbots, you can check jasper_creations’ streams. He is one of the developers of Nico’s Nextbots.

You can also check out the Youtube page of 1nicopatty; he is Nico’s Nextbots developer group owner.