If you’ve been playing Nico’s Nextbots over the last few weeks, you’ve probably heard the awesome background music & audio sound effects that are in the game.

Some of the tracks are from memes & other internet trends, but most of the game’s music is composed by the developer, Nico Patty (Nico’s Stu).

Nico’s Nexbots OST Soundtracks

Check out the links below to find all of his original tracks on YouTube, Spotify & Soundcloud.

You can listen to all the songs for free, so make sure you sub to Nico to support him!

Nico’s YouTube Channel

nicos nextbots ost original sound tracks music songs
You can listen to many of Nico’s original soundtracks on his YouTube channel.

He uploads a mix of full OSTs for Nico’s Nexbots and also long videos where he shows the making of the soundtracks & production process.

Visit his channel using this link or by clicking his channel image above.

Nico’s Nextbots Spotify Playlist

nicos nextbots spotify playlist
You can also follow his Spotify playlist if you prefer to listen to the game music on a streaming service instead of on YouTube.

The shorter soundtracks & teasers that you see on YouTube won’t be available on his Spotify artist account, but you can listen to the full HD versions of the core game soundtracks.

The first Nico’s Nextbots project he made available on Spotify is titled “Nico’s Nextbots Vol. 1”. There is a total of 8 tracks & over 17 minutes worth of music.

Visit his Spotify using this link or click the image of his profile page above.

Nico’s Nextbots Soundcloud Playlist

nicos nextbots soundscloud account
In addition to being a new game developer, Nico also has a passion for music as he produces & makes songs with other people on Soundcloud.

You won’t find any of the Nextbots game music on his Soundcloud account, but if you are interested in the other audio projects he’s working on, you should check it out!

If you like modern, anime, and meme-pop types of music, you might enjoy what they create on Soundcloud.

Visit this link or click the image above to take a listen to his projects.

Wrapping Up

Nico has way more talents than we even knew about & he’s ready to show the world. So please make sure you send him some support to keep the game up!

Check back often as he might upload & create new tracks as the game receives more updates.