Observing Battle – WoW Shadowlands Glitch?

observing battle shadowlands quest guide

Observing Battle – Shadowlands Glitch?

The World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion has been live since November 23rd. So far the community seems to be enjoying the fresh batch of content.

As with every game release, there is always a chance that bugs & glitches can arise. Some that down right break the game and others that hinder progression.

Obtaining 1,500 Honor

observing battle wow shadowlands quest

Have you been having issues with the “Observing Battle” quest in the new capitol city? Many players have reported online that they are struggling to complete this quest.

Once you obtain the 1,500 honor needed, there is no completion or sign of quest progress to be seen.

Some players continued to stack honor in hopes that maybe earning more would make a difference. Most reported that even with more than 1,500 there was no update.

A few users have reported that after they completed 8-10 battlegrounds that they were able to complete the quest.

If you are still having issues, we suggest that you complete multiple BGs and hope for the best. There is currently no fix or workaround in place.

Where Do I Turn The Quest In?

If you were able to work through the bug and somehow complete the Observing Battle quest, you still might not know where to turn it in.

Some players have reported that the quest did not show them where to turn it in to complete it.

Head right back to the person who you got the quest from, Strategist Zo’rak.

He can be found at The Enclave in the Ring of Fates in Oribos (34:55).

Update 11/27/20

Blizzard has addressed this issue online within their bug fix report forum. They are aware they a problem with tracking progress correctly exists.

They have pushed the problem through the pipeline to the devs. There is currently no timeline or expected date for it to go live.

Some players in the forums are reporting that their tracking progress has updated, but we can’t confirm this.

We can most likely expect this to be taken care of within a week. Many of the Shadowlands launch bugs have been taken care of rapidly.

Check back in a few days for news & information regarding the Observing Battle quest.

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