The Obunga trend has sprung a flurry of different mods & horror games featuring Obunga & other Nexbots.

Behind the trend is a popular Steam Workshop NPC addon that allows you to add the Obunga Nexbot NPC into your games. We’ll show you how below.

How to Download Obunga Nexbot Mod on Steam Workshop

obunga nextbot steam garys mod
The fastest & most straightforward way to download the Obunga Nextbot NPC for Gary’s mod is to use the Steam workshop.

  1. Launch Steam Workshop through the Gary’s Mod main menu or visit it in your browser.

  2. Search for the Obunga NPC/Nextbot mod or use this link to go right to the download page.

  3. Subscribe to the mod & download the files to your PC.

  4. Open up Gary’s Mod and head to the “Addons” screen. Inside your subscribed addons, you will see the Obunga NPC/Nexbot mod.

  5. Launch a new level or sandbox, open the modding menu, go to NPCs & click on Obunga as many times as you want to spawn him.

How to Use the Obunga Nexbot Mod

The bots code works on basically any map. So you can use it in your games if you get bored playing with it in the sandbox.

You can try creating your custom games, maps & meme videos without having to work on coding the bot yourself.

Also, since Gary’s Mod is open source, you can modify or edit the Obunga Bot to your specifications to make him better or worse.

If you don’t like Steam or don’t have access to it, you can always download another version by searching popular mod websites or YouTube channels.

The mod hasn’t received any updates since it launched in May but check back often in case any changes are made to the bot’s code.