After Death Stranding 2, Hideo Kojima is returning to the very genre he practically invented 37 years ago.

While Kojima Studio’s Death Stranding 2 undoubtedly received the most attention in Sony’s recent State of Play, a tidbit of info he tagged on at the end made everyone’s ears perk up.

For the first time since he and Konami split, not so amicably, back in 2015, Hideo Kojima will return to the genre he pioneered in 1987 with the very first Metal Gear.

Partnering with Sony, he will be developing a brand new IP, which I can only assume will release on the inevitable PS6 somewhere down the line. Launch game, anyone? That’d be pretty sweet, but I’m not holding my breath.

Unfortunately, it will likely be until we know any concrete details about this mysterious game. As he said, production will not begin in earnest until work is finished on Death Stranding 2, due in 2025.

So, there is very little we can go on, but for now, we can always speculate, and who doesn’t like to speculate? Ultimately, it sounds like Metal Gear Solid but with a new coat of paint, which sounds like A-Ok.

This might be the best news in all gaming, and I am hyped as hell. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t take ten years to come out. I’ll have to bide my time pretending I’m Norman Reedus delivering packages in a dystopian wasteland.