OSRS Halloween 2020: Event Guide & Rewards

osrs halloween 2020

RuneScape 2020 Halloween Event Guide

October is finally upon us, which means that we can start enjoying all of the spooky joys of Halloween.

Over the course of the month, many of our favorite games will feature specific holiday events with RuneScape being no exception.

Just like years prior, a special Halloween event is available in RuneScape. Let’s take a look at how to complete the OSRS halloween 2020 Event.

How & Where to Start the Event

rick osrs 2020
Image: Mika279 on YouTube

The new event starts the player off with an objective that requires you to find a man named Rick near Lumbridge swamp.

Locate Rick in the swamp. You will notice him by the pumpkin on his head. Talk to him and ask him about his head.

Select the first option “swapped places with your head” and agree to help him with it.

Then head over to the Wizard’s tower and climb to the second floor where you will see an orange portal.

Find Ricks Blue Box

ricks blue box runescape
Image: Mika279 on YouTube

Enter the portal and you will find yourself in Ricks room. Search his bed to find “Ricks Box”.

Open the box and answer the riddle with “4”. You will then receive Ricks head in your inventory.

Exit through the orange portal and take the head back to Rick in Lumbridge swamp.

Talk to Rick again and return his head. He will task you with going to the Wizard’s tower one more time. This time climb to the top floor.

Once there, talk to the wizard Mizgog. You can enjoy or skip the dialouge.

Talk to Mizgog again and ask about Eve. Complete the dialogue.

Meeting Eve the Witch

inspect fire osrs halloween
Image: Mika279 on YouTube

Mizgog will have you travel back to the starting point. Head southeast from Rick until you see a campfire. Inspect it.

A witch named Eve will appear in front of you and start a cutscene.

After the cutscene has ended, speak to Eve and she will have you complete a couple of simple Halloween themed tasks.

eve spider osrs halloween
Image: Mika279 on YouTube

First click on the nearby barrel to get a spider. Eat the spider, then click to dance by the fire.

Now head to the cauldron grab a brew and drink it. Then speak to Eve again and talk about Rick.

The Final Stretch

Head to the Wizard’s tower one last time and take the orange portal again to Ricks room. Talk to Rick.

A cutscene will play which will show Rick getting his head back.

Upon completing this event, you will receive an item called a “headless head” that will make your players head disappear and a “Magical Pumpkin” that can be planted in your POH.

osrs headless head magical pumpkin
Image: Mika279 on YouTube

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