Paper Marker Location in Find the Markers Roblox

paper marker find the markers roblox

“Find the Markers” is taking the world by storm! It’s a game in which players explore the Roblox map to uncover up to 177 hidden markers. Some markers are fairly easy to find while others require puzzle solving to discover.

Looking for the Paper Marker in particular can be a hassle since it’s categorized as “Hard”. That’s why we’re here to help!

How to Get the Paper Marker

  • Go to the Mountain Biome.
mountain biome find the markers
  • Climb up the ladder.
  • Turn to the left and jump up the ledges.
  • Walk around the corner.
  • Fall into the lowered area in the ground that’s straight ahead.
  • Stand in the middle of the ledge and face the sky. If you angle your camera to show the bottom of the cliff, you’ll see a door. Tip: It’s very hard to see.
secret door paper marker roblox
  • Now for the scary part: jump off the ledge and move toward the wall to enter the door.
  • Collect the Paper Marker.

Wrapping Up

Since the Paper Marker’s position is obscure, many players overlook it. Hopefully, this guide makes it easier to find. Maybe it’ll encourage you to search for more rare markers too! Locating rare markers can be challenging, but it’s also rewarding.

Did you have fun finding this marker? How many markers have you collected so far? What’s the rarest marker that you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments below!

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