Party Animals Coming to Xbox One, PS4 & Switch

party animals game

A Cute & Fuzzy Physics Sandbox

Party Animals is a cute and fuzzy physics sandbox game where you duel you friends as various familiar cartoon animals.

Choose between multiple characters like a Rhino with a black belt, or a well-dressed cat with an eye patch.

Developed by Recreate games, we first caught wind of this title back in June. The game will hit shelves by Late 2020. In time for the impending isolation & winter weather.

We should see the game across all platforms, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

There are two basic modes, multiplayer & solo. Battle your friends or against an AI in an effort to be the last animal standing.

Hop into a team based mode where you scramble to score points by capturing giant pieces of candy. Watch your step because you can still be thrown off of the map!

What Brings The Party

Gameplay from Jacksepticeye

From Fall Guys to Gang Beasts, we’ve recently been loving facing off with our friends in clunky battle simulators.

Party Animals is an addictive and laugh inducing experience to play with friends and family.

The goofy slapstick style feel of the game with colorful light hearted graphics make it a comical experience for all. 

With basic commands (punch, head-butt, grab and throw) finesse & overpower your opponents or drag them down with you.

Environmental hazards are also a huge part of the game. Watch out for rising water that will drown your character, or ice that will freeze you solid.

Each level provides a dynamic battlefield that creates endless possibilities.

Weapons also drop on each level, adding a twist to each match. Serve your buddies out of the ring like hot cakes with a tennis racket, or zap them with a taser.

The choice is yours in Party Animals.

Fun, Clunky & Unpredictable

Gameplay from Pokelawls

The movement in the game is strange and unpredictable, which makes for an interesting combat experience. Stumble around the arena and beat up your friends.

Party Animals guarantees to bring hours of hilarious and gut-wrenching fun.

The demo was extremely popular earlier this month. It hit 135,000 concurrent players on Steam.

Yet another title that proves the increasing popularity in the multiplayer physics-sandbox genre.

Could this be one of the go to multiplayer games to end this year? We think so.

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