Pet Simulator X: Golden and Rainbow Pets

roblox pet simulator x golden and rainbow pets

Pet Simulator X is a popular Roblox game based around collecting coins and gems in order to acquire all sorts of pets. Obtaining pets revolves around buying different eggs for each pet.

Each egg set will include two gold egg options, granting you a golden version of the usual pets. In this guide we show you other methods of obtaining these higher tier versions.

How To Efficiently Get Golden Pets

roblox pet simulator x golden and rainbow pets
  1. As Golden Eggs cost a large sum, you might want to use the Golden Egg Machine, which you can find next to where you buy eggs.

  2. If you buy three regular pets that are identical, you can place them into the Golden Egg Machine at a 47% chance of getting a golden pet. You can, if you’d like, put more pets in, at the cost of more gems, but these are rare.

  3. This method will save you money overall, as the cost of a golden egg is around nine times as much of a regular egg. So don’t worry if the process fails once or twice, as it’ll be far cheaper in the long run.

How To Get Rainbow Pets

Rainbow pets are, essentially, a much higher tier Golden pet, coming in at around seven times more powerful, with an even greater cost. 

roblox pet simulator x golden and rainbow pets
  1. You can find the Rainbow Machine in the mine, so head there first.
  2. You’ll notice that you only need five golden pets, despite them being around seven times better.

    roblox pet simulator x golden and rainbow pets

  3. Similarly to the Golden machine, don’t just go for the 100% chance. I’d suggest going for around 63% as a precaution, considering golden pets are expensive. 

    roblox pet simulator x golden and rainbow pets

  4. You will lose pets as you fail, but it is worth it, as you’re saving gold instead of cashing out for a Golden Egg.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found this guide useful in getting ahold of some Golden and maybe even some Rainbow pets! Which ones are your favourites? Are there any pets that you want in particular? Be sure to let us know down below!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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