Pet Sim X Value List (2022) | Exclusive Diamond Trading Values

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If you’re an avid Pet Simulator X player then you need you need this Pet Sim X value list. Keep up to date on the latest gem / diamond value on the most popular exclusive, mythic & legendary pets. Use this guide to stay up to make sure you are getting good prices for buying & selling on Discord! – Official Pet Sim X Value List Website

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If you want to stay up to date on the latest Pet Sim X value list then you should use This is the official updated website where you can check to see accurate buying / selling diamond prices for your pets.

There is a database of 60+ pets with updated prices & more are added often. The website is simple & easy to use, so make sure you check it out if you are an active trader & need accurate values!

Each pet has a page that shows you values for normal, gold, rainbow & dark matter variants. This makes it easy to screenshot for trading on Discord.

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New pets & prices are added & updated during every update. So make sure you check back often so you don’t miss out on the most accurate trading prices!

Pet Simulator X Value List (2022)

These quick & simple value lists will help you get an accurate price of what you should be buying / selling your pets for. All values list below are in diamonds / gems. Use these lists so you don’t get scammed when trading!

Pet Sim X Exclusive Value List

Pet NameNormal 💎 Value
Sapphire Phoenix25b
Huge Forest Wyvern275b
Nature Dragon20b
Keyboard Cat15b
Wicked Empyrean Dragon35b
Huge Hacked CatSellers Choice
Huge Santa Paws100b
Huge Festive Cat55b
Huge Pumpkin Cat150b
Huge Cat150b
Sig. Big Maskot25b
Blue Big Maskot30b
Chest Mimic25b
Dominus Astra50b
Electric Slime25b
Galaxy Dragon25b
Guest Noob25b
Mushroom King25b
Storm Wolf25b
Hell Chest Mimic23b
Domortuus Astra25b
Sock Monkey23b
Emyrean Agony25b
Grumpy Cat18b
Nyan Cat23b
Nebula Dragon25b
Lava Scorpion10b
Sad Cat23b
Galaxy Pegasus25b
Stacked Doge Noob19b
Dominus Darkwing25b
Yee-Haw Cat6b
Sock Corgi11b
Storm Dragon25b

Pet Simulator X Mythic Pet Values

Pet NameNormal 💎 ValueGold 💎 ValueRainbow 💎 ValueDark Matter 💎 Value
404 Demon170m500m1.5b5b
Glitched Immortuus12m34m106m333m
Santa Paws8m24m73m223m
Silver Dragon4.6m13.4m41.2m129m
Silver Stag4.3m12.5m38.4m120m
Phantom Wolf8972.8k11.2k44.8k
Wyvern of Hades3.1k9.7k39k156k
Blimp Dragon189k591k2.3m9.4m
Dominus Alienus920k2.8m11.5m46m
Ghoul Horse1.2m3.7m15.1m60.4m
Alien Parasite2.8m8m25m100m
Galaxy Fox5m12m40m110m

Pet Simulator X Legendary Pet Values

Pet NameNormal 💎 ValueGold 💎 ValueRainbow 💎 ValueDark Matter 💎 Value
Glitched Phoenix3m8.5m26.2m82m
Glitched Unicorn2.6m7.5m23.1m72.2m
North Pole Wolf1.1m3.2m8.5m26m
Blurred Agony226k706k2.8m11.3m
The Grim Reaper349k1m4.3m17.4m
Meebo in a Spaceship460k1.4m5.7m23m
Star Surfer784k2.5m9.8m39.1

Pet Simulator X Limited Pet Values

Pet NameNormal 💎 ValueGold 💎 ValueRainbow 💎 ValueDark Matter 💎 Value
Pog Dog100k200k1m2m
Pog Cat100k200k1m2m
Pog Dragon150k300k1.5m3m
Pog Immortus2m5m10m15m

Wrapping Up

These are the most up-to-date pet diamond values in Pet Simulator X. We will update this page as often as possible to include the most accurate trade data.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you disagree with some of these prices or have trades of your own to report!

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  1. i just went on discord and sold my santa paws dark matter for 310 million gems is that a good trade for me???? Because i bought my rainbow santa paws for 70 million gems at travelling merchant and at mystery merchant i bought it for 26 million gems please tell me if i got scammed thank you very much.

    1. yes its good trade. you can buy 4 rainbow santa and make it dark matter then sell it again for 310M gems. just keep repeating this process and you will get up to 10B gems

    2. You didnt got scammed. U paid less to get the rainbow and u got overpay. In other words you got almost 100m gems more!

  2. Couldn’tFigureOutAName

    Can someone like buy 3 dm star surfers for 5 M gems each? I’m just poor I have 3 m gems so pls someone buy?

  3. i sell north pole wolf and someone say me is under beause north pole wolf is easy to get it BUT WHY IN HERE IS VERY WORT IT?

      1. wait, you got 23b gems? can you buy my dark matter galaxy foxes? I have 5, each one cost 400m gems? please!

      2. Can you buy otters 2 from me for 2 billion gems bc I only got 120 million gems and need to upgrade bank plz trade me

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