Pinecones: Genshin Impact Limited Event Guide

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Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Event

The Marvelous Merchandise Event is a limited-time event in Genshin Impact that began on the 26th of October at 4 AM ET and will last for exactly seven days.

During this time period, a certain merchant in the game named Liben will be offering players unique daily quests which they can complete in order to earn unique rewards.

How Marvelous Merchandise Event Works

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Every day during this event, players will need to locate a merchant named Liben somewhere in Teyvat.

Liben will provide them with a specific quest which once completed will earn them a Box o’ Marvels.

Both the quests and Liben’s location will be changed daily, so players will be able to complete a total of seven quests for seven rewards.

It is important to note that players will need to be an Adventure Rank of 12 or higher to participate in the event.

What are Pinecones and How to Get Them

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Pinecones are small fruits similar to other raw food items like Sunsettia or Apples that can be found scattered around all over Teyval.

They can usually be found underneath pine trees and can be picked up by players and are an essential ingredient in various cooking recipes such as Mondstadt Hash Brown, Puppy Paw Hash Brown, and Sauteed Matsutake.

Most of the time, pinecones will spawn under trees in smaller groups of either two or three pinecones, but there are other locations where players can get a lot more of them which makes Liben’s daily quest a lot quicker and easier.

Best Pinecone Locations

The Bridge Near Qingce Village

best pinecone locatons

The first excellent location where players can find a large number of pinecones is at the bridge near Qingce Village.

This location is a bit far from Springvale, the trip there can be worth it as most of the times, players will find pinecones in large quantities, sometimes around a dozen or more of them.

There are a few bridges located near Qingce Village so the one that you want to be at is the most western one.

Cape Oath

pinecone cape oath

While this location will not provide the player with as many pinecones as the previous one, it is accessible much quicker so it is definitely worth checking out.

To get here, players will need to teleport to the waypoint of Cape Oath and then proceed to move north from it.

After a short trip, the player will see pinecones on the ground just waiting to be picked up.

There are usually around five pinecones that spawn at this location so this location alone won’t provide you with enough to complete Liben’s quest.

Stormbearer Mountains

pinecones stormbearer mountains

The final location where pinecones are abundant is near Stormbearer Mountains.

While the previous two locations are better in terms of proximity and time efficiency, if for some reason they are inaccessible to you, then the Stormbearer Mountains are a good substitute.

To get there, head north of Mondstadt and look for any pine trees which will likely have pinecones underneath them.

One thing that this location has going for it is the fact that there are quite a few of them in this area so getting ten pinecones should be a quick and easy task.

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