Poke Aoki – Steve Aoki Opens Rare Pokemon Cards

steve aoki pokemon charity

Steve Aoki Pokemon Live Stream Event

If you didn’t happen to catch Steve Aoki’s live stream tonight at 8pm EST, there was a lot to miss. Steve and friends took to Twitch to open a 1999 unlimited edition Pokemon boxset.

The stream was to raise funds for Autism awareness through the Aoki Foundation. Autism Speaks & FFEAT are a few of the organizations that are being represented tonight.

steve aoki pokemon

Steve invited a bunch of his celebrity buddies to join the stream. They each donated various sums and watched they guys pull their packs live.

Each person the pack was pulled for is being sent their pack of cards that was pulled on stream.

Global DJ Slushii joined the stream live to watch a pack opening after donating $1,000 to the organization.

At one point early on in the stream, a whale dropped a $5,000 donation and everyone went wild.

This single donor made up a large part of the foundations donation goal of $25,000.

This was the largest donation made during the 3 hour Twitch stream.

Check out some of the holo cards that they pulled below!

1999 Holo Pokemon Cards

Holo Charizard

The stream went crazy when they pulled this holo Charizard.

Value $300 – $1,000

steve aoki pokemon holo charizard

Right after the Charizard pull, the rapper Logic had a Charizard pack that he sponsored pulled.

Holo Poliwrath

He didn’t pull any super crazy cards, but it he did end up with a holo Poliwrath which looks great. Value $20 – $150

steve aoki logic pokemon

They hit a dry streak around the 1hr 45min mark when they pulled 4 packs in a row of all trainer cards. Gotta love the game.

At one point a donor said he would put up $10,000 to have the holo Charizard signed live on stream. It was intense!

steve aoki pokemon card signing

Holo MewTew

Another beauty, a holo MewTew. Another not so rare card, but great to pull nonetheless! Value $10 – $100

base set mewtew steve aoki

Holo Magneton

Just one of many holofoil cards pulled during the stream. Hard to find in a PSA 10. Gary graded this one as a potential 10!

Value $10 – $50

pokemon magneton steve aoki

Holo Chansey – Donated

Towards the end of the stream, Dan Fleyshman from Coffee Breakers donated a gorgeous holo Chansey. It is rated mint 9.

Dan Fleyshman from Coffee Breakers pokemon donation
1999 chansey pokemon

Holo Clefairy

Steve pulled the last pack of the stream and lucked out with a holo Clefairy. Definitely a great way to end the stream.

Check out everyones reaction in the corner cam. Priceless.

1999 clefairy pokemon base set

Overall the 3 hours Twitch stream was a success and the foundation reached it’s goal of $25,000 in donation in just those few hours.

All of the funds are being donated to causes working with the Aoki Foundation. Make sure to watch the entire stream below if you want to re-live the excitement live!

Watch the stream here

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