Prismatic Trials: Risk of Rain 2 Guide

Prismatically Aligned

Looking for more information about the Prismatic Trials in Risk of Rain 2? In this guide we’ll breakdown everything you need to know about this time single player mod.

What Are the Prismatic Trials?

The Prismatic Trials are a special timed single player mode in the popular game Risk of Rain 2.

Players compete against the clock & each other to complete 2 stages with the fastest time. In this game mode you must destroy at least 3 of many time crystals on the map to activate the teleporter.

When destroyed the crystals do damage to all players & monsters in the nearby area. Unlike the standard game mode the teleporter will charge instantly as soon as the boss is defeated.

What Can You Unlock From the Prismatic Trials?

Besides competing for the best time & bragging rights on the leaderboards there are two items to unlock that make completing the trials worth it.

The items to unlock are called Slicing Winds & Harvester’s Scythe. In order to unlock these you must complete two hard challenges during the trials.

  • Mercenary: Ethereal – To complete this challenge you must complete the trials as Mercenary without taking or losing any damage. If your health falls below 100% or you lose any shields you will fail the challenge. This unlocks Slicing Winds.
  • Prismatically Aligned – To complete this challenge all you have to do is successfully complete a Prismatic Trial. This unlocks Harvester’s Scythe.

Things to Note

The Prismatic Trials are generated by a new seed every 72 hours. The seed is the same for all players but will include different artifacts on consoles.

Seeds affect stage rotations, interactibles’ locations and drops, bosses, monster spawn timing, and activated artifacts.

That’s all you need to know about Prismatic Trials & what they have to offer in Risk of Rain 2. We hope you find this guide helpful.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave us a comment below!

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