In a recent development that has excited gamers worldwide, Sony has accidentally confirmed the release of a demo for the highly anticipated game Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

This news comes ahead of a special State of Play event dedicated to the game, heightening fan anticipation.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, named the most awaited game of 2024 at the Game Awards, is set to be a significant release this year. The State of Play event, scheduled for tonight, will focus entirely on this second part of the FFVII remake project.

The event promises about twenty minutes of content, showcasing the game’s ambitious open world and various side activities.

The leak about the demo’s existence emerged following a revelation about the game’s size. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is expected to be a massive game, requiring a hefty 145 GB of space on the PS5’s SSD.

The leaked information also hinted at special bonuses for those who play the demo and then proceed to the game.

Sony’s slip-up occurred on the PlayStation Network, where a 30-second video briefly appeared, summarizing the demo’s content. Although the footage displayed an “Available now” message, the demo has not yet been released.

From the glimpses seen in the video, the demo seems to include a sequence with Cloud and Sephiroth in Nibelheim, focusing on combat, and another segment featuring Cloud and his friends heading towards Junon, offering a taste of exploration and group attacks in the game.

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The full release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is eagerly awaited, with the launch date set for February 29. This demo, available after the State of Play broadcast, provides a perfect opportunity for fans to experience a slice of the game before its official release.