Race Clicker is a brand new Roblox game that combines clicking simulator mechanics with speed simulator gameplay.

The goal of Race Clicker is to build up as many clicks as you possibly can & run down the track as far as possible.

In this guide, we’ll show you some tips & tricks to get started earning wins & make your racer even faster!

How to Play Race Clicker

Race Clicker is an easy game to play. All you need to do is click as fast as possible when the countdown timer starts.

Building up more clicks within the 30-second window will make your character run faster, complete more levels & earn more wins.

When the timer ends, the gate will drop & you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around as you fly down the track.

Keep towards the middle of the track, so you don’t fall off. If you fall off while running before the 1.5-minute track timer ends, you will spawn back at the beginning & have to wait for the next round.

If you can stay on track for the whole time, you will earn some wins.

How to Go Faster in Race Clicker Simulator Roblox

race clicker simulator roblox

Since it can be hard to click a lot within 30 seconds, you can try using an auto clicker for an unfair advantage.

  1. Download your favorite auto clicker program or find one on Google by searching for “auto clicker” for windows or mac, whatever you have.

  2. Set the clicker up & bind the start/stop function to a hotkey to make it easier to use.

  3. When the click timer starts in the game, start the auto clicker & you will rack up a ton of clicks.

  4. When the gate drops, you will fly super far & get even more wins than you’ve ever received.

  5. Rinse & repeat until you earn enough wins to buy some pet eggs for rare pets to help you run faster.

How to Get Pets in Race Clicker Roblox

race clicker simulator roblox

Like most other simulator games, Race Clicker has a few pet eggs you can hatch to get better bets & increase your top speed.

You can hatch pet eggs in the central spawn area of the map. There are two sets, one on each side of the map.

However, the only way to hatch eggs is to spend “wins,” which act as currency in this game. The most expensive pet currently costs 1 million wins & has the best pets in the game.

Each level of pet will increase your speed depending on its rarity. Unfortunately, you can’t buy eggs with Robux, but you can buy wins using Robux & then spend them on eggs.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know to start playing Race Clicker on Roblox! It’s a simple and easy game that anyone can play.

Check back often for new updates & pets as this game grows in popularity!