Rainbow Friends is a brand-new horror game on the Roblox platform that mixes colorful graphics with creepy monsters.

The game is currently only available to play on the Roblox platform.

Still, many eager developers outside the project have taken it upon themselves to re-create Rainbow Friends in Minecraft.

This guide will show you how to download the best Rainbow Friends Minecraft mod/addon for Minecraft PE!

How to Download Rainbow Friends Minecraft Mod (PE & BE)

A few developers on YouTube have created Rainbow Friends mods for Minecraft, but the one we’re covering is the best so far.

Currently, it’s unavailable on CurseForge or Java edition, so this mod is only for playing on Pocket Edition or Bedrock Edition.

The only language this mod is currently available in is English.

  1. Download the mod/addon files directly by clicking the links below or by visiting the developer’s YouTube channel & clicking the link in the description.

  2. Rainbow Friends Resources Pack Link

  3. Rainbow Friends Behaviors Pack Link

  4. Make sure you download both the .mcaddon files in the folder (Rainbow_RP & Rainbow_BP). One is the resources; the other is the behavior pack.

  5. Once downloaded, right-click & open the files. Minecraft should start up automatically & begin installing the addons.

Rainbow Friends Minecraft Mod Features

rainbow friends minecraft mod pocket bedrock edition
Like other Minecraft mods, you can spawn the four colored monsters from Rainbow Friends & they will attack NPCs.

To spawn the monsters, join a creative game & go to the eggs section in your inventory. Look for the four new colored eggs (orange, purple, green & blue).

Here is some gameplay from YouTube of how the mod works:

Add them to your hot bar & then throw them at the ground to spawn the monster based on the egg color you threw.

Monsters will spawn & they will immediately begin to hunt you or any other NPCs in the area.

If the monsters touch you, you will die & get the jumpscare sound from the original Rainbow Friends game on Roblox.

So, while there aren’t any game modes or specific things to do within the mod, you can use the characters to create custom games or play around with them for fun!

Check back often for more monsters & updates added to this mod as the game receives more updates & features.