If you’ve been playing Rainbow Friends on Roblox & have beaten the game, you might wonder if there will be a part 2.

This article will cover everything we know so far & if players can expect a chapter 2.

Rainbow Friends Hits Roblox

Over the last few years, horror/thriller-type games have exploded on Roblox & continue to gain popularity.

Rainbow Friends launched on July 12th, 2022 & immediately gained a player base of over 20k players. Since its launch, it has been growing daily & continues to hit new peaks.

The first chapter introduces the story of taking a wrong turn on a school trip & ending up in a place called the “odd world,” which is supposed to be a theme park.

Instead, you find yourself trapped in a house of colorful monsters where you must avoid harm & complete tasks for a mysterious red man with large eyes to escape.

Chapter one will take about 25 minutes to complete all of the tasks & survive the nights.

You don’t get much for successfully escaping other than a badge/achievement.

Rainbow Friends is one of the most challenging horror escape games this year. Can we expect chapter 2?

Rainbow Friends Chapter 2?

rainbow friends roblox chapter 2
While Rainbow Friends is still a very new game with new players every day, there hasn’t been any official news or updates about a second chapter.

The developer of Rainbow Friends, Fragment Games, only consists of a team of two people, as mentioned in the games bio.

They aren’t very active & don’t post many updates, so it’s hard to tell what’s coming next.

However, considering the game’s popularity since its launch, it would only make sense for chapter 2 of the game to come out eventually.

As we mentioned, there is no official information yet, but the biggest clue we have is from the game’s final credits when you beat it.

The mysterious red man who put you to the challenge mentions that “things are about to get a lot crazier.”

It sounds like chapter 2 might be here sooner than we think.