Rainbow Friends is a new & challenging horror game that is taking over Roblox.

In this guide, we’ll show you some Rainbow Friends scripts & hacks & how you can get them for yourself.

Scripts are a type of program or software you can use to cheat or gain an unfair advantage in the game.

Since Rainbow Friends is a newer game, there aren’t many scripts currently available. However, we will cover a few that now exist.

Rainbow Friends Roblox Script by Tora IsMe

YouTuber Tora IsMe creates the first script we will cover. This script gives you the power of ESP, Get Items & Send Items.

ESP – This allows you to see all players & monsters through walls. You can efficiently speed run the level while seeing where everyone is.

Full Bright – Turns the brightness up for the whole map, so it’s easier to see & less scary.

Send Items – This power lets you teleport back to the main area to deposit any blocks/items in your inventory quickly.

Get Items – Instantly picks up all needed items from the map.

You can download & test this script from the YouTuber’s website. There is a possibility that the link doesn’t work; if not, you might have to wait for the developer to fix it.

Warning: Download & test this script at your own risk! It could be a virus or phishing for your account details.

Dangers of Scripts & Hacks

While some scripts & hacks for Rainbow Friends might be real & legit, many of them are most likely scams.

Always be careful & cautious when downloading files from strangers on the internet. There are bad people out there who want to hack you.

Will I Be Banned from Rainbow Friends?

There is also a high chance that you will get banned from Rainbow Friends for using any of these scripts & hacks.

While there aren’t any cases of bans reported yet, there is always a risk that it may happen.

Scripts & hacks create an unfair advantage for other players & ruin the experience, so developers are usually very strict.

You will not be able to get your account back if you’re banned, so make sure you are testing scripts & hacks on alt accounts!

Happy modding & stay safe.