In the grueling world of Remnant 2, players come across various choices that influence the course of their journey. One such pivotal decision revolves around the Thaen Seed, a unique quest item. This guide delves into the consequences of your choices involving the Thaen Seed and its potential uses.

Finding the Thaen Seed

The Thaen Seed is an essential quest item discovered inside the Ornate Lockbox. Once in possession of this seed, players are faced with two primary options: planting it within Ward 13 or presenting it to the queen of the Red Throne.

Handing the Seed to the Red Throne’s Queen

Should you decide to hand over the Thaen Seed to the queen:

– All Pan Warriors become pacified, making them friendly. However, this change doesn’t provide a significant advantage in the long run, as the Pan Warriors aren’t really a force to worry about.

– The queen gifts you with the Burden of the Rebel ring. While this ring decreases skill cooldowns by 15%, it comes at the cost of reducing relic use speed by 25%. It’s a decent ring, though there are superior ones available elsewhere in the game.

Planting the Seed in Ward 13

thaen fruit growing on a tree in ward 13 remnant 2

Choosing to plant the Thaen Seed in Ward 13 bears long-term rewards. After a period, a tree sprouts, producing the “Mature Thaen Fruit.” This fruit is a powerful asset, especially during challenging boss fights:

– Upon consumption, if the player falls in battle, the fruit acts as an auto-revive, healing 30% of the player’s health and granting immunity to status effects for 30 seconds.

– With time, the fruit can age, amplifying its healing attributes.

The Evolution of the Thaen Fruit

The Thaen Fruit undergoes three stages of maturation: Mature, Elder, and Celestial. Each stage enhances the fruit’s power, making it a valuable asset. Here’s a breakdown of each stage:

– Mature Thaen Fruit: Consuming it offers a 30% health restore upon death, along with a 30-second status effect resistance.

– Elder Thaen Fruit: This fruit increases the health restoration to 40% upon death while still offering the 30-second status effect resistance.

Celestial Thaen Fruit: At its peak, the fruit restores 50% of the player’s health and grants the same 30-second resistance to status effects.

Ultimately, the decision rests in your hands. Do you value the transient peace with the Pan Warriors, or do you prioritize the lasting benefits of the Thaen Fruit? Personally, I decided to keep the seed so that I can continue to grow the fruit. Make your choice wisely and tailor your adventure in Remnant 2 accordingly.