Refunding Items on Roblox: Can You Refund Robux?

how to refund items on roblox

Sometimes you get carried away with yourself or maybe you accidentally made a purchase on when you were super sleepy & not paying attention 100%. In this article we’ll cover whether or not it’s possible to get a Refund on Roblox purchases.

Can You Refund a Robux Purchase?

can you refund items on roblox

Long story short, does not offer refunds on Robux purchases or items that have been purchased with Robux. They explicitly state this in their terms & conditions on the website.

While most companies offer refunds, Roblox does not. This is most likely due to the nature of the products. Digital products are inherently subject to different refund policies than physical products.

If Roblox offered refunds then it would open the platform up to abuse from users who would “rent” digital products & then “return” them when they have had their fill. This is prevented by simply not offering refunds.

Make sure you always read the terms & double check what you are buying / spending money on before confirming any purchases on There are protections & warnings in place to alert you prior to finalizing a purchase.

Fraud & Unauthorized Purchases

roblox refund robux

If you truly need a refund because of fraud or unauthorized purchases on your credit / debit card, then there is an escalated step that you can take to initiate a refund.

Parents who notice unauthorized purchases on their statements who did not authorize their child to make such purchases can fill out an escalated support form on

  1. To begin the process sign into or provide your birthdate to access the help portal. Once you are logged in complete the form with accurate information & select the reason for submitting.
  2. Select “Billing & Payments” as the primary help category then select “Purchase – Unauthorized Charge”.
  3. In the description box fill out the details of exactly what happened & why you need a refund.
  4. Hit submit. It will usually take Roblox 24-48hrs to get back to you.

This method does not guarantee that you will be issued a refund on any of your purchases. Roblox uses their sole discretion on a case by case basis as to whether or not you are entitled to a refund.

If it was truly an unauthorized purchase or a case of fraud, you will most likely receive a refund. If you made a purchase that you agreed to but now regret, unfortunately you are out of luck for a refund.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about processing refunds in Roblox. Always double check your purchases before submitting & use the try-on feature to test purchases before you make them.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any further questions or concerns about refunds on Roblox!

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