Resident Evil Village Attic Items Guide

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Enjoying Resident Evil Village so far but stuck trying to find all of the items in the attic of Castle Dimitrescu? In this short guide, we’ll show you exactly where all of the items in the attic are located.

Goat of Warding (Collectible Item)

Definitely don’t miss picking up this collectible as soon as you enter the attic. Turn around after climbing the ladder and shoot the goat on the box to complete the collectible.

resident evil village goat of warding collectible


Many players have been stumped trying to find the gunpowder in the attic. After claiming the goat, turn around and look directly right against the wall.

You will see a crate with the gunpowder inside of it.

resident evil village attic gunpowder

Treasure Map

The next item you want to collect is the treasure map located on the table directly in front of you. You can also destroy the crate on the table to receive some handgun ammo.

Note: The map can be used to claim the treasure in the special chamber of Castle B1.


The next item to grab is the lockpick. From the table you got the treasure map from, turn around and follow the room into a dead end with a lamp on a set of crates.

The lockpick is sitting on top of these crates. Beware of the NPC laying on the floor in front of it.

resident evil village lockpick in the attic

Rumors of a Dagger File (Collectible Item)

The 2nd and last collectible to pick up while in the attic is called the Rumors of a Dagger File. After finding the lockpick, turn around and walk to the far right side of the attic.

Here you will see a table with a single candle on it. On the table is the collectible file.

resident evil village rumors of a dagger file

F2 Rifle

The F2 rifle is the final item you will pickup right before you exit the attic. It’s sitting perfectly for you on a chair, you can’t miss it.

resident evil village attic f2 rifle

You have now collected every item inside of the attic and can move on to the rooftops!

We hope you found this guide useful, happy zombie slaying!

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