Rhythm Heaven 2: Will It Be Coming to Switch?

rhythm heaven 2

What is Rhythm Heaven?

Rhythm Heaven is a single-player rhythm game published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.

It was first introduced in Japan in July of 2008 and subsequently was released in North America in April of 2009.

Rhythm Heaven is played on the Nintendo DS touch screen held vertically, like a book. 

The game consists of multiple “Rhythm Games” where players use the touch screen and their stylus to create various rhythms.

In each Rhythm game players get ranked based on their rhythm performance.  Players must get at least a rank of “Just OK” or “OK” to pass a certain level.

The music used in the game is all Japanese with most of the music composed by Tsunku and Masami Yone, with vocals by TNX artists including Canary Club, The Possible, and Tsunku.

Soundtrack albums for the game were released in Japan but not in North America.

How Was It Received?  

The game was received fairly well by the gaming community.  Metacritic rated the game with a favorable review of 83 out of 100. 

In Japan the game received similar reviews with Famitsu giving it a 34 out of 40.

One popular review by The Daily Telegraph gave it 8 out of 10 and said “the touches elevate the game from a fun but throwaway music game into an addictive quest for rhythm perfection.”

With these favorable reviews and addictive gameplay, Rhythm Heaven began to grow into a cult legendary game among Nintendo users.

This fanbase drove the sequel to Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever being released on the Nintendo Wii in 2011.

This edition of the game is arguably the best in the series due to its great list of songs, top notch rhythm games, and two-player mode.

Rumors of Rhythm Heaven 2 for Switch

It has been 5 years since the last release of a Rhythm Heaven game, and some fans are begging for a new release in the series.

Fortunately for them, there are rumors that a new Rhythm Heaven game will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch.

These rumors first began, when the creator of Rhythm Heaven, Tsunku tweeted asking for a Nintendo Switch version of the game, and that he felt many people would enjoy it. 

He asked for fans to “raise your voice together!” in order to bring back Rhythm Heaven to the Nintendo Switch. 

It is clear that the creator of Rhythm Heaven is pushing to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch and needs the community’s support.  

Chances/Possible Timeline for Release

It is likely that given the success of the Rhythm Heaven franchise, a return to the Nintendo Switch is likely – the question is when? 

The same team that developed the WarioWare series is the same team that developed Rhythm Heaven. 

It has already been confirmed that the WarioWare series is likely to see a Nintendo Switch version and this could be the reason for the long delay in seeing a Rhythm Heaven game. 

Time will tell when or if we will see a Rhythm Heaven game released on the Switch.

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