Rickey Rat Roblox Full Walkthrough: Chapter 1

Rickey Rat is a brand new Roblox horror game based on the popular Disney character Mickey Mouse has been taking the game by storm, and here’s how to beat it!

The Picnic

Rickey Rat Roblox full walkthrough begins below. Enjoy & prepare to be scared!

After the quick introductory scene, you’ll be thrown into the game, finding yourself sat at a picnic site with the simple objective of going to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Keep following the path until you reach a road – make sure you time your crossing right, as you don’t want to be hit by a car. Continue forwards, reaching the cave.

rickey rat chapter 1 walkthrough

The Sewers

After stepping into the cave, you’ll now be equipped with a lantern and facing a rather ominous face further down the sewer pipe.

Make your way across by going to the left side and going over the ledge, approaching the grinning face. As you get closer, it’ll vanish and reveal a right turn, take it.

rickey rat chapter 1 walkthrough

You’ll now have a new objective – find the key for the door. Search the rooms and you’ll find it on a metal shelf besides a toolbox, go into the other room and turn the valve.

As you head further, you’ll find a room with a strange looking Mickey, but ignore it and take a left turn, grabbing the key from the desk and promptly leave the room.

Approach the sewer and go through, leading you to the next area.

The Cabin

You’ll be greeted with a rather picturesque cabin and an objective to search the surrounding area – go towards the cabin and listen to the prototype Mickey and listen to his dialogue; towards the end, he’ll tell you to run, as he has detected another presence.

A boss battle then ensues, with Rat, the Tortured flying in overhead.

rat the tortured rickey rat roblox

The fight is rather simple – you’ll be notified when the rat will attack with a firework audio cue, followed by red markers on the ground.

Make sure you avoid these, and wait for one of his fists to hit the ground. Jump onto the fist and wait for him to raise it.

Once you’re able, jump across the short distance to land on the Rat’s container and land on the red pad – you’ll be kicked off and the rat’s health will deplete. Repeat this until the bar is empty!

Now, head through the cave and into the next area.

The Clubhouse

rickey rat chapter 1 walkthrough

After passing through the cave, you’ll be greeted with The Clubhouse and the objective to warn Mickey. Enter the club, and make your way through the door after a slight jump scare. Make sure to grab the bug spray on the table.

As you explore the house, you’ll need the spray to deal with bugs skittering about on the ground as they try and attack you.

You’ll eventually enter a room filled with defunct Mickey robots, pass through here and into a kitchen, where you can take a knife from out of the wall. You can now use the knife to remove any cobwebs blocking your way!

After clearing some webs, you’ll be able to access the upgrade station – using Guts, a currency you’ll have gathered from defeated various bugs within the clubhouse. Keep exploring, and you’ll come across a cabinet storing.

Eventually, you’ll reach a dark corridor with some strange mould on the walls – a short cutscene will play, showing a strange fleshy spider approaching. Defeat the creature, and move down the corridor it came from.

Passing through, you’ll enter a lobby sort of area – beware of the bear traps! Clear out the two rooms at the top of the stairs, defeating two of the same spider creatures from the corridor and a new enemy-type, a floating head with an attached spine.

There’ll be a key on the shelf where the spiders spawned. You’ll then be able to open the door at the very back of the upper level you’re currently on, where you’ll be greeted with a computer.

As the cutscene shows, a passage behind a bookshelf on the lower level will have opened. As you’ve already checked the other rooms, head there.

The Dungeon

You’ll now have entered a new area – The Dungeon. Investigate the various cells, collect any resources and find a girl. Speak with her, and you’ll be given the quest to find and return her teddy bear as a means to comfort her.

Moving past the upgrade station, you’ll be able to find a lantern on one of the former prisoners. Make sure you grab this, as some of the cells can be rather dark and difficult to navigate.

Defeating the Cat Knight

Once you’ve grabbed it, go back towards the upgrade station and take a right turn. Within the barred cell, you’ll find a key on a sleeping bag. Check the other cells, but be aware of a new enemy type – a cat knight.

With a much higher health pool than previous foes, you might want to use the hammer you collected earlier.

If you return to the cell from where it came, you can follow a small tunnel in the corner and find an axe for yourself.

Leaving the cell, take a left towards the table with a skull and other parts on it, then take a right into a dark tunnel.

Another new enemy will be waiting for you – the axe is an excellent tool for disposing of them.

Talking to the Knight of the Dungeon

Entering the skeleton filled chamber, take a right and open the dungeon door. Inside, you’ll find a neat little Dark Souls Easter egg and a new character – the Knight of the Dungeon – along with some healing items.

Speak with him and he’ll warn you of the Watcher beyond the puzzle door, as well as give you a quest to fetch the Cup of Golden Glow in exchange for a puzzle piece.

Go back to the skull room and open the other door, where you’ll find some familiar enemies – now equipped with an axe and upgrades for your other gear, they will prove to be rather trivial.

Keep following the corridor, taking a left towards a set of spikes – these traps aren’t too difficult to get past, as the timing is rather forgiving. Defeat the three cat knights and keep progressing, finding the prompt to open the cup door.

Then, backtrack towards the first upgrade station and then go to the opposite side from where you came. You’ll find yourself on a thin, wooden bridge which will break as you cross it. Falling down, you’ll land besides the girl’s teddy bear. You’ll automatically pick this up.

Proceed, and climb up the ladder. In the left room, you can find the Cup of Glow within a bin. Going to the right route, you’ll drop down and be able to find a Mickey piece in a cell nearby.

Return to the Knight and speak with him – this will unlock the door with the two flames beside it, outside the skull room.

Stepping Into the Portal

Stepping into the portal, you’ll be sent into another boss battle with the Guardian – the fight revolves around you avoiding its attacks, marked by red lights which are similar to the first fight.

Successfully avoiding these will give you the chance to land some hits on the boss. It’s recommended you use the axe, as its the best weapon you’ll have.

Continue dodging its attacks and striking when safe and the boss will be soon to fall.

After defeating the Guardian, a similar flame to the one you used to enter the fight will spawn, interact with it.

A cutscene will then play and you’ll be sent back to the dungeon. Go to the Mickey puzzle door and lace the heads, opening it. Keep moving forwards up until the next scene triggers.

This concludes the first chapter of Rickey Rat.

Wrapping Up

That’s the end of Rickey Rat Chapter One! How did you find the experience? What are you most excited for in Chapter Two? Be sure to let us know!

We hope you found this walkthrough helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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