Risk of Rain 2 Cheats: Infinite Lunar Coins

risk of rain 2 infinite lunar coins

Looking for ways to get more Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2 without having to grind for tens of hours?

In this guide we’ll show you exactly what you need to do in order to cheat your way into unlimited / infinite Lunar Coins.

How to Get Infinite Lunar Coins

Activating the cheat is pretty simple & doesn’t require any software or downloads. This is a “local” cheat meaning that it only affects your local files on your PC.

For this cheat you will need to be comfortable with editing your computers files. Here is how to enable it step by step.

  • Make sure that you exit the game first
  • Open up the file explorer on your PC
  • Navigate to your local disk (mostly like C:)
  • Open the folder called Program Files (x86)
  • Open the Steam folder > go to userdata
  • Sort the folders by date modified & open the most recent folder
  • Scroll down & open the folder named “632360”
  • Select remote then > UserProfiles
  • Right click on the XML file & select Edit
  • Find the code <coins>100</coins> or do a page search if you can’t find it
  • Change the number inside of the code to whatever number of coins that you want
  • Save the file & fire up Risk of Rain

You should now see your new edited Lunar Coin balance on your account the next time you jump into the game!

If you prefer a video tutorial here is an easy & simple video from YouTuber Nostalgia.

That’s it! You can now enjoy your infinite balance of Lunar Coins & save yourself tens of hours of grinding gameplay.

We hope you enjoyed this article & found it useful. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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