Roblox 3D Clothing Update – Free Jacket & More

3D clothing roblox

Roblox is coming out with more 3D clothing for players to try and customize their avatars with, which is an exciting step forward in innovation and avatar realism in Roblox.

This guide will look at what 3D clothes are, how you can get them for your avatar, and how they are made.

What are the New 3D Clothes in Roblox?

3D clothing roblox

3D clothing, or layered clothing, is a new way to customize your avatar. This new feature for Roblox avatars was initially announced in February 2021 and allowed players to wear 3D clothing over their classic clothing.

How to Get 3D Clothing? 

3D clothes avatar shop roblox

If you go to the Avatar Shop on the Roblox website and expand the clothing section, the original flat clothing is now categorized under ‘Classic Shirts,’ ‘Classic T-Shirts’, and ‘Classic Pants.’ The new 3D clothes are located under ‘T-shirts’, ‘Jackets’ and ‘Pants.’ 

3D clothing works the same as classic clothing, allowing you to try on or buy clothing items in the Avatar Shop.

These clothes will wrap over your flat clothes, giving a puffy jacket 3D texture and depth, with visible puffiness.

The neat feature with these 3D clothes is that no matter what type of body you have equipped to your avatar, whether it is the classic blocky look or Rthro, the clothes will wrap to fit your body and move, stretching and bending to conform to your body as you walk.

How do You Make 3D Clothing?

The clothing is initially made in a 3D rendering program, where a body is first made as the base of the layered clothing. Then, the ‘skin’ of the clothing is drawn over the body, where you can adjust the tightness of the material.

Then, after some tests to ensure the clothing isn’t clipping while the body is moving, texture and color are added.

This means that a jacket will have seams to show where the puffiness starts and stops and will look realistic.

This finished clothing is then imported into the Roblox Studio, given some finishing touches, and uploaded to be used in your next project or product for the Store.

Wrapping Up

3D clothes offer players a whole new way to express themselves with their avatars, offering a unique way to customize their dress.

With more and more approved 3D artists creating clothing for the Store, we can expect to see clothing with more realism becoming an exciting new trend on Roblox.

We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions about 3D clothes, please comment below.

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