How to Setup Custom Games in Bedwars [Roblox]

roblox bedwars custom matches update

With the latest update for Bedwars, the option for custom games has been added! So you can now host matches for you and your friends, privately! This guide will show you how!

What is Roblox BedWars?

Bedwars is a massively popular game in Roblox, heavily inspired by the Minecraft mode of the same.

The game is based around multiple teams, with varying sizes depending on the match, attacking other bases to destroy another team’s bed.

Starting a Custom Match in BedWars

Custom matches are relatively simple to start, but it can be slightly difficult to find the NPC required to start them.

You can find the character with the name tag of ‘Custom Matches’ beside a lamp post and fence within the main lobby of the game.

roblox bedwars custom matches update

If you interact with him, you’ll be greeted with the custom matches menu. You’ll have the option to join via a join code or to create a match yourself.

If you want to join a custom match, you’ll need to ask the host for a code. Simply input the code, hit join and you’ll be placed into the game!

Setting Up a Custom Lobby in BedWars

As for creating a lobby, you’ll have the option to change the specific mode and map. Modes include game types such as, solos, duos, trios and a few more.

Along with these options, you’ll have a choice of nine maps in total, but there are bound to be more as the game’s development continues.

roblox bedwars custom matches update

Now that you’ve chosen the mode and map, click start and you’ll be sent to a pre-match lobby.

Make sure to select your team of choice, otherwise you’ll be set as a spectator by default. Send the code out to your friends and let the lobby fill.

And when you’re ready, hit start!

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know about setting up custom matches for Bedwars!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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