Cheese Escape is the next thrilling horror game to hit Roblox, landing over 9.2 million visits since its creation in March 2020. This guide will show you how to navigate the maze safely, get the cheese, and escape to freedom while successfully staying away from the rat.

What is Cheese Escape?

Roblox Cheese Escape

Roblox Cheese Escape is a trending Roblox horror game where, according to the developer, you must “survive from a harmless rat” while collecting cheese keys and solving puzzles in a cheese-like maze.

Collect the Green Key (And Cheese)

Roblox Cheese Escape
Here are the steps to collect the first key and first few pieces of cheese:

  1. When the door first opens, head right into the maze.

  2. After passing the green cheese and crossing out of the safe area (a translucent green wall), head straight to the farthest wall and, turn right again, take the cheese on the table.

  3. Go back and turn left until you pass the locked red door, then take a sharp right in the next hallway and go through a tight doorway to collect the next piece of cheese on the table.

  4. Follow the hallway until you see a small doorway on the right. Enter that, grab the third cheese piece, then take the hallway to the right. Follow the hallway straight, taking the fourth piece of cheese on your way to the key and ladder on the right.

  5. The green key is beside the ladder, be sure to grab the key before going up to the second level.

  6. Congrats! You have the green key, which will let you open the green locked door.

Collect the Red Key (And More Cheese)

Roblox Cheese Escape
Here are the steps to collect the following key and the following few pieces of cheese:

  1. Follow the gray hallway and drop back down into the cheese maze, keeping straight until you see the green door at the end. Then, with your green key activated, click on the door to unlock it and walk through it.

  2. You will find yourself in a locked room with a keypad and numbers on the wall. When reading the numbers from bottom to top, the code is ‘3842’, which will unlock the door.

  3. Go through the gray hall until you reach the end. You will see a red key, soda, and cheese here. Take all three, leaving the cheese for last, and then you will find yourself back in the cheese maze.

  4. You can now unlock the red door with the red key!

Collect the Blue Key (And More Cheese)

Roblox Cheese Escape
Here are the steps to collect the following key and the following few pieces of cheese:

  1. Drop into the maze, moving past the safe zone. Keep left until you reach the red door and go through, picking up the piece of wood inside.

  2. Go back through the maze, keeping right, and go back through the green door with the green key.

  3. At the end of the hall, you will be able to exit to the right, and in the next room, you will find a small obby. Carefully navigate the obby, and take the cheese at the end.

  4. Then, exit through the white doorway.

  5. You will find yourself at the second level of the cheese maze with the hole in the planks. Place down the wood you took earlier and move across, picking up the blue key.

  6. You can now open the blue door.

Escape the Maze (And Find the Last Pieces of Cheese)

Here are the steps to collect the following few pieces of cheese and escape the maze:
Roblox Cheese Escape

  1. Navigate the maze quickly until you return to the green key and ladder. Take the ladder up and enter the room on the right. At the end of the hall, take the next piece of cheese and go through the blue door with the blue key.

  2. Take the next piece of cheese in the next room and press the green button. Then, drop down into the cheese maze and follow the cable running in the ceiling. This will lead you to the last piece of cheese and open the exit door.

  3. Once you have taken the cheese, go back along the right side, follow the hall, past the red door, keep right again, through the small doorway, and turn right into the white exit.

  4. Congrats, you beat the maze!

Wrapping Up

The Cheese Escape offers a lot of thrilling moments, moving through the maze while avoiding a giant rat and collecting all the pieces to escape finally.

Have you played yet? What do you think of this game? We hope you found this guide helpful!