God’s Will is a Japanese Manga series in which students face an onslaught of deadly challenges.

Some Roblox developers have brought the series to life in this Roblox remake. Here’s a complete walkthrough on how to beat each game.

How to beat Daruma game in God’s Will Roblox

god's will roblox daruma game rules screen
The Daruma game is the first game you must play in God’s Will on Roblox.

To beat this mini-game, you must sneak across the classroom slowly whenever Daruma turns his back to you.

The goal is to get close to him and click the button on his back to beat the game.

Any player in the lobby can click the button, and everyone will win.

You will die if you keep moving when Daruma turns to face the students.

If nobody can sneak up to him within 90 seconds and hit the button on his back, every player will lose the round.

How to beat Monkey game in God’s Will Roblox

The second game students face is against a giant robotic monkey. To beat him, players need to pick up the rockets that he drops and then fly them into him to stun him.

Once enough missiles hit the monkey, he will fall, and players need to unwind the key on his back to win.

Make sure to avoid the monkey’s attacks, or you will die. You will also die if the monkey falls on top of you, so be aware of your surroundings.

How to beat Arctic Rush game in God’s Will Roblox

Challenge three seems simple but can be a pain to complete as it is prone to glitches. You must successfully make it down the slope within 2 minutes to beat this challenge.

Steer the sled with the A & D keys, and remember to use your powerups with the E key after picking them up!

The powerups help you make it down the slope quicker or safer.

For example, the snowball lets you throw a giant snowball at your opponents, and the shield protects you from crashes and other dangers.

How to beat Doors, Doors, Doors game in God’s Will Roblox

This fourth challenge might be one of the hardest. To beat this game, you must choose the correct door that matches the same image on the small TV on your screen.

Pick the right door 4 times, and you will complete the challenge.

Be aware that each round gets more brutal in this game. The last two rounds have a spinning fire obstacle you must avoid when picking the correct door.

If you touch them, they will kill you.

How to beat the Voting & Stacking game in God’s Will Roblox

Challenge five is easy if you aren’t chosen to play. If everyone votes for you to play the stacking game, you must stack a line of blocks from the bottom to the top to win.

The player dies if they miss a block or run out of time.

The goal here is to take your time and focus. The time seems short, but you will succeed if you take it slow.

How to beat the Musical Chairs game in God’s Will Roblox

Challenge six is just over halfway done with the game. To beat the musical chairs game, you must find an open chair to sit in when the music stops.

You can use the chairs as weapons by throwing them at other players.

One strategy with this game is to carry a chair around the whole game, throw it when the music ends, and quickly run over to it to sit on it.

If you aren’t sitting when the timer runs out, your head will explode and die.

How to beat the Piano game in God’s Will Roblox

The seventh game is called the Piano game. To beat this game, you must remember the correct piano notes shown to you and play them back in order.

If you play the wrong note, you die.

It’s essential to pay a lot of attention during this game because if another player hits the wrong key, it might confuse you and make you lose focus on what the following piano note should be.

If you 100% this round, it will play back the entire song of all the notes combined.

How to beat the Hot Potato Elimination game in God’s Will Roblox

Challenge eight is simple but requires some skill and a bit of luck.

To beat the hot potato game, pass the potato off to other players and ensure you don’t have it when the timer ends, or you die.

Pass the potato to other players by walking into them; it will automatically hand it off to them. You know what player has the potato by looking for the flame trail.

You can also tackle other players with the G key. Revives are disabled in this round.

How to beat the Swordplay game in God’s Will Roblox

Swordplay is the last game in God’s Will Roblox. You must knock the other player off the platform for 2/3 rounds to beat this game and win the challenge.

Landing hits on the other player increases the % multiplier above their head.

The higher your enemy’s percentage multiplier, the further they will get knocked back when you land a strike on them.

Make sure to parry when necessary, as this stuns your enemy temporarily, allowing you to get a strike in.

The victorious player will win the game, and you will see the credits.