One of the best features Roblox has over its competitors is your ability to create new games, yet can you create real-life games in a video game?

A famous real-life game recreated with a twist in Roblox is Jenga.

All the fun, excitement, and frustration it brings in real-life carries over in Roblox, but you will have to avoid getting knocked off while trying to knock your opponent off.

Since it is Jenga, there must be some strategy to win more, just like in the real-life version.

Here are some tips and tricks for winning at Roblox Jenga. With this guide, you should have the best strategy to win every time.

Roblox Jenga Guide & Tips to Survive Every Time

In Roblox Jenga, you will be placed on two teams: the Towers and Destroyers.

As part of the Towers team, you must avoid getting knocked off the Jenga tower.

As part of the Destroyers team, you must knock the enemies off the Jenga by hitting.

Roblox Jenga Tower Tips & Tricks

There are two pieces of advice to follow as a Towers player, according to Roblox Content Creator Pokemon_Gaming658.

First is to stay in the front of the Jenga piece if the enemy Destroyer is trying to hit the piece instead of you.

The second is to stay in the back if the enemy Destroyer is trying to hit you.
This way, you can jump in time if the block is about to get hit or avoid the projectile when needed.

Aside from that, jump to the next platform if the piece you are standing on is about to fall and stay on higher ground.

Roblox Jenga Destroyer Tips & Tricks

There are different ways to win as a Destroy; here are some.

Hit the Players

Roblox YouTuber Electroryx has some tried and tested strategies to help you win as a Destroyer player.

roblox jenga tips and tricks to win guide

The first step is correctly setting up the settings—input 300 on Speed, 29 on Ramp Angle, and Dumpster2 on the Selected Object.

roblox jenga tips and tricks to win guide

This way, you will perfectly line up the block to hit players on the top piece.

Hit the Pieces

Another strategy is to hit the pieces instead of the players. In this video, DanielPlayzGamez sets up his Ramp Angle at 27 and selects Object on Dumpster2.

Then, he lines up the object on each block and knocks them down one by one.

Unbalance the Tower

Finally, there is a trickier method that indeed wipes out all enemies on the topmost level. Watch Pokemon_Gaming658’s video again, and you will see his multilevel strategy.

The first step is to set up the Ramp Angle to 29, then hit the middle block on the topmost level.

This should split up the players into the left and right blocks. Hit the block with the most players.

One Jenga block should be left on the topmost floor. Please do not knock it off; knock the block below the missing pieces.

roblox jenga tips and tricks to win guide

Once your tower looks like this, hit the middle block on the lower level.

Once the middle block on the lower level is knocked off, the upper level should topple down along with all the players above.

roblox jenga tips and tricks to win guide

Those are the essential tips and strategies you must follow when playing Roblox Jenga.

This should give you a win every time you play a game, or at least give you the best chances at winning. Good luck!