Roblox Nerf Event 2021: FREE Valk and Dart Cap

roblox nerf event 2021 free dart cap dart glasses valk

Nerf Hub is a collaborative event between Roblox and Nerf, bringing a variety of the dart guns to the hit game and many more cosmetic items alongside it.

Roblox Nerf Event 2021

The event has also added various Nerf Blasters throughout some popular Roblox games, such as Adopt Me, Arsenal, Phantom Forces, Strucid and a handful more!

As well as adding content to other games, the Nerf Hub is an official Nerf game added, with a handful of mini-games scattered around the lobby.

This guide will show you how to obtain a free pair of Dart Glasses and a Dart Cap within Roblox. Acquiring these items is really simple, so just follow the steps below. 

How Do You Get All 7 Nerf Guns?

roblox nerf event 2021 all 7 guns toy codes

You will need to buy the actual Nerf blasters online or from a toy store in order to access & use them in the Roblox games.

Roblox x Nerf Weapons List

Roblox GameNerf Weapon
Mad CityPlasma Ray
StrucidBoom Strike
Phantom ForcesBoxy Buster
MM2Shark Seeker
Adopt Me!BEES!
ArsenalPulse Lazer

Every purchased Nerf x Roblox gun comes with a toy code that you can redeem. This code unlocks the Nerf gun to use in Roblox games.

As of right now, the event has only added two cosmetics that are available for free. 

How to Get the FREE Valk & Dart Cap Accessories

  • Dart Cap – First of all, hop into the official Nerf Hub game on Roblox and go straight towards the claw machine.

    Interact with it and you’ll notice a notification on your screen, indicating you have been given the Dart Cap & badge.

    roblox nerf event 2021 dart cap

  • Dart Glasses – Next, go to the Target Practice area and interact with the given prompt before selecting a blaster of your choice.

    You’ll then be thrown into a small shooting range minigame in which you’ll be required to hit a series of pop-up targets. Upon hitting all the targets, you’ll be given the Dart Glasses or “Valk” & achievement badge.

    roblox nerf event dart glasses valk

To equip your new free Nerf items, go to the avatar creation screen as normal. They will be added automatically.

That’s all you need to do in order to receive all of the free Nerf Hub items that came with this event. You will have to buy the other ones.

Wrapping Up

Which part of the event has been your favorite? Are you happy with the two free items that came with the Nerf Hub 2021 event?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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  1. i literally hit every single target and didnt miss a shot, i still did not get the dart valk yet can you please fix this actually i did get it, it just didnt show that i got it please fix that instead

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