Roblox Piggy: How To Unlock the Phenna Skin

piggy phenna skin roblox

Roblox is host to thousands of different games. Piggy is a hugely popular survival horror game within Roblox, where you take up the role of a police officer investigating a missing persons case with a series of twists and turns along the way.

Piggy offers a huge variety in terms of gameplay, with six game mods, plenty of maps and a range of items for you to use throughout.

piggy phenna skin roblox

But, you can also obtain skins for completing tasks throughout your time with the game, the difficulties of them varying rather drastically. 

The Phenna skin is one of the more difficult skins to get, as it requires quite a few steps. This guide aims to help you get the skin, with as little hassle as possible!

What You Need to Get Started

Before you begin the quest, you need to have reached Book Two Chapter Ten and ensure you’ve unlocked all the doors, making sure the entire map is open for you to explore.

This is a hard-requirement for the Phenna skin, so make sure you’ve done this before starting.

How To Unlock the Phenna Skin

The Candle and the Question Marks

  1. The first step revolves around finding a series of question marks around Book Two Chapter Ten’s area. You’ll need to grab the candle, not far from the axe swinging room.

  2. You’ll then need to head into the axe swinging room and on the far left wall, you’ll see a white question mark etched on the wall – you’ll only be able to see this if you have the candle equipped.

    A portal will then appear – step through.

  3. This is where you might have some issues. You’ll need to navigate the map and find the same question marks as you found to enter the area.

  4. Upon finding the first question mark, an audio cue will trigger – whenever you hear this, a one of four symbols will spawn in the map. Then, find this and make sure you note down the symbol.

    piggy phenna skin roblox

You will need to repeat this step another three times. Both the question marks and symbols will spawn in different areas.

This will take a fair amount of time, so don’t worry if you can’t find them instantly. The order of the symbols is completely different for each player, so you most likely won’t find information on your exact order.

This quest can only be completed once per lobby. If someone has already done it, back out and find another server. 

The Symbol Puzzle

The final step requires you to head towards the Piggy Room to complete the previously mentioned symbol puzzle. If you noted down the symbol order earlier, you’ll be able to input the code easily.

piggy phenna skin roblox

Your Phenna skin will now unlock. Simply head to the menu and you’ll see it there within the skin list!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you didn’t find unlocking the Phenna skin too difficult! If you did how did you like the quest? What do you think of the Phenna skin?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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