How to Play Swarm Mode in Roblox Piggy

roblox piggy swarm mode

Piggy is a hugely popular survival-horror game you can play within Roblox, offering a wide range of maps, modes and a narrative linking it all together. With the game being so popular, it’s no surprise that MiniToon, the developer, has continued to make new content for the game.

The game’s latest update has added a brand new gamemode – Swarm!

What is Swarm Mode in Roblox Piggy?

Swarm, the all-new mode for Piggy, is an interesting twist on the game’s usual mechanics. You’ll spawn into a level as per usual and so will the killer.

But, every minute after the original killer has spawned, so will another one.

roblox piggy swarm mode

This caps out at nine minutes, so if you aren’t quick enough you’ll have to deal with ten members of the Piggy family.

The AI also seems to behave differently, which has led to some technical issues – these aren’t game breaking or anything, so things should still be fine.

The problems mostly come down to some minor pathing issues, but they tend to resolve themselves.

How Do You Play Swarm Mode in Roblox Piggy?

Playing Swarm is just like playing any other mode – once you’re on the title screen, select play and find it on the menu located on the right side of the screen.

Once you’ve selected the mode, you can then choose a map – Swarm is compatible with all map types, so pick whichever is your favorite! 

roblox piggy swarm mode

The match will start just like any other and the killer will spawn in as-per-usual. Make sure you know the map though!

The faster you are, the easier you’ll find this new mode. A new bot will spawn a minute after the first, in the exact spot as the original did.

As the bots are all separated, this can make the mode quite tricky as their movement patterns can be quite unpredictable! 

Make sure you don’t get surrounded and keep track of their locations! Getting cornered by the pigs won’t end well!

Wrapping Up

And that’s all you need to know about how to play Swarm! How have you been finding the mode? Which map has been your favorite so far?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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