Roblox Pressure Wash Simulator

pressure wash simulator roblox

Power Wash Simulator is a new game in Roblox that has recently come out, and we are loving it! It gives you that ASMR goodness, and the satisfaction of cleanliness you need out of a game like this.

Pressure Wash Simulator Roblox Starter Guide

Pressure Wash Simulator allows you to do exactly that; power wash a house, a car, pavement… You name it, you can power wash it! 

To play the game, you just have to go into the roblox game list and search for Pressure Wash Simulator or click the direct link here.

pressure wash simulator

The main gist of the game is that you have access to multiple power washers of different strengths and different nozzle widths.

You then use the tool that you believe is best fit for the job to power wash whatever it is that needs cleaning.

There will also be a bar to the right hand side that tells you how much water you have left in the tool, so make sure you’re near a water source so you can fill it up again and continue washing!

Earning / Collecting Dirt

It will tell you above your head how much dirt you’ve cleaned, which will be a good indication of how well a job you’re doing with your designated tools.

You will need to collect a certain amount of dirt in order to move to the next cleaning location.

pressure wash simulator garden

As you complete jobs, there will be other power washers that you can get access to. These will allow you clean & collect dirt faster.

The more money you earn, the better tools you can buy, including the infinity tank, meaning you’ll never have to refill your water tank again!

Perfect for Lovers of ASMR

If you experience ASMR, want to relax and wind down with a nice calming game, or just enjoy cleaning in games, then this is the one for you.

With a variety of things to clean, such as vans, fountains and houses, the options are endless. You can be as quick as you want, or as slow and meticulous as you like.

With many of videos on the internet about power washing, and there even being power washing compilations, it was obvious that a game like this would be successful.

The Roblox Power Washing Simulator is inspired by the game aptly named Power Washing Simulator that came out in May of this year.

With that game doing so well, it led to there being tonnes of content about the Roblox game too. Youtube is rife with the content!

Wrapping Up

All in all, it is a very satisfying game, and a great time waster.

If you want to just kick back and relax and play a game while feeling like you aren’t truly gaming, then this is the perfect way to do it.

There are plenty of ASMR tingles to be had, and things to be cleaned, so get out there and power wash!

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