Roblox Rap Simulator Noob to Pro Guide

roblox rap simulator

The Roblox Rap Simulator is a hot experience that lets players become rappers, going from rags to riches by giving concerts, growing their fan base, and giving world tours.

This guide shows you how to become a pro rapper yourself, with an easy step-by-step guide on money, upgrades, and other game features such as rebirths.

What is Rap Simulator on Roblox?

Rap Simulator lets you live the life of a rapper, spitting bars at concerts, producing music with your producer, and upgrading your gear along the way. There are currently three worlds to explore, each with fresh gear and upgrade progression.

Rap Simulator Beginner Guide

roblox rap simulator

Here are a few tips on starting for the first time in Rap Simulator:

  1. First, follow the large arrows to the concert hall when you spawn into the game. Once you enter, activate your mic and tap to spit fire. The fire you make is a currency that will help you progress.
  2. When the concert ends, pick up any trash that the audience may throw, as you can recycle these for coins.
  3. After you complete the concert, head home to your studio, you will see a producer sitting at a computer and a mic. Activate the mic, and start converting your fire into money by clicking.
  4. If you need to get around the map quickly, tap the location icon (it looks like a map icon), and it will open to reveal the Shop, the Concert hall, and the Studio.
  5. It is possible to customize your studio as you progress in the game and hire more producers to help make your music. Just click the white icon with a brush in the bottom right corner.
  6. To trade items with other players, click the rotating arrows on the left side of the screen, near the location icon.
  7. There are shops available where you can upgrade the mic that you use in concert and at the studio, giving you more fire and money power per click, which you can purchase with money.
  8. In the town, you will find large chests that offer upgrades to allow you to earn more money.
  9. There are currently two other worlds you can travel to if you visit the Rebirth tower (as they require at least one rebirth for the next World and two rebirths for the world after that.) These new worlds give you new gear to level up through and more content to progress through.

Wrapping Up

Rap Simulator is a fun, casual simulator that allows players to live out their dreams of being the next big hit and unlocking cool-looking mics and decorations to enhance their gameplay and studio.

By giving concerts and rapping in the studio, you’ll find yourself well on the way to fame, fans, and world tours.

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