Rose Gold Xbox Series X: Is It Real?

rose gold xbox series x

So is there actually a rose gold Xbox Series X that Microsoft will have for sale?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already seen the viral photo going around Facebook & Twitter.

If not, here is the gorgeous console we’re talking about.

Rose Gold Xbox Series X

To keep it short, unfortunately the new Xbox will not be available in rose gold or any custom colors on release day.

This fan made image is 100% Photoshopped by product & interior designer XboxPope. He creates fan-made and inspired Xbox products.

The internet got your hopes up once again. Sorry for that.

We can hope for additional colorways in the future, but for now we’re stuck with boring old black. Yawn.

We wouldn’t be surprised if someone re-created this beauty for real once the Series X launches. We’ll have to keep a look out.

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