Scorn Gameplay: Coming to Xbox Series X & PC

scorn gameplay xbox one

A Long Time Coming for Scorn

It’s been a long time coming for the atmospheric first-person horror adventure game. Scorn was originally teased back in November of 2014.

The game will be available for PC and Xbox Series X on launch day. There are no plans for the game to launch on PS4 or PS5.

Only a few trailers and some exclusive gameplay footage have come to surface within the last 6 years.

Developed by Serbian company Ebb Studios, Scorn throws you into an immersive world that is very different from your average fps.

Scorn is gross and raw, enveloping players in a flesh, bone & metal ridden world. The sights and sound effects in this game will make your stomach turn. No joke.

You begin the game as a skinless humanoid with no context as to what is happening in the world around you. The creatures are odd and twisted. Some aggressive, some not.

Here’s a 13 minute first look of Scorn gameplay footage.

Scorn 2020 HD Gameplay Footage

Exclusive Scorn Footage from Gamespot

If you made it through that footage, you’ll know exactly why we say Scorn will make your stomach churn.

The combination of fleshy scenery and grotesque sound effects are the exact opposite ASMR. Unless you’re into that kind of thing of course.

There is no set release date yet. All evidence points towards a late 2020 release. Maybe just in time for the holiday season.

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