Secret Food Obby in Livetopia: New House Update

livetopia update new house

Livetopia just came out with a new update this morning. With this update comes a brand new house with a secret food obby that players will have to figure out how to get to! In this article we go over exactly how to make the portal and find the obby!

The Brand New House in Livetopia!

Livetopia just came out with a brand new update on Decemeber 7th. Like usual this update came with a brand new free to use house, and with the house comes a secret food obby!

Follow along with our guide to find out exactly how to make the portal and find the obby!

How to Find the Food

secret food obby livetopia update

The first thing you’ll want to do is spawn the new house and head inside! Once inside go the the kitchen and you’ll see spots for 4 different foods on the counter.

There’s pizza, a burger or sandwich of some kind, an ice cream cone, and a sub!

To successfully create the portal you must find and place all 4 foods on the counter. Finding each item is pretty simple!

pizza livetopia food obby update

The pizza is located on the second floor in the bedroom with the orange bed. It will be on the left side of the bed underneath the side table!

burger secret food obby livetopia update

The burger is on the third floor in the pink bedroom, sitting on a table between two chairs on the right side of the room!

If you don’t have the ice cream cone in your inventory already, getting it is easy. First just spawn the Ice Cream Shop Building.

Then go inside to the freezer behind the counter, and pick an ice cream cone up! Now you’ll have it in your inventory.

sub secret food obby livetopia update

The last item, the sub, can be found by going into the new house and to the kitchen. Once you’re there just go to the stove and click “cook”, when the menu pops up click on the sub in the top left corner. Now you’ll be able to cook it and have one once you’re done!

Making the Portal and Finding the Food Obby

Now that you have all four food items go back to the kitchen! Place each item down on the counter in it’s correct spot. Once you have placed each item a portal will spawn next to the counter!

portal to secret food obby livetopia update

Just go through the portal and you will be at the food obby! You don’t get anything by finishing it, but it’s just a simple little obby to complete and have fun with.

When you complete it you’ll go through the portal at the end and spawn back into the home!

secret food obby livetopia update

Wrapping Up

That is everything there is to know about Livetopia’s new house and obby update! Have you explored the house and found the food obby? What are your thoughts on it?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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