Silent Hill: The Short Message has reached one million downloads, which is a remarkable achievement. This milestone comes just five days after its release. Developed by HexaDrive, the game is a new addition to the renowned Silent Hill series.

It was released for free on February 1, following a State of Play broadcast.

The game introduces players to Anita, a teenager from a German town. Guided by her friend Maya, Anita finds herself in a fog-filled, infamous apartment block. This setting continues the series’ tradition of eerie and mysterious environments.

Silent Hill: The Short Message had been a poorly kept secret, appearing in age-rating listings for years. It was first rated in South Korea in September 2022 and later in Australia in November 2023. The game is currently available for free on PlayStation 5.

Konami, the game’s publisher, proudly announced this download milestone on February 6, 2024. This success reflects the enduring popularity of the Silent Hill franchise and the excitement for new entries in the series.

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This release marks a significant moment for Konami and the Silent Hill series, demonstrating the strong appeal of horror games and the lasting impact of this iconic franchise.