Mods: Among Us Community Server mods among us mods for Among Us are hosted on the world’s first ever custom servers. It is a community supported effort by the team over at

If you’ve been active in the Among Us community lately, you have probably already watched YouTubers play some of these mods.

The most popular games on the server are the Among Us Zombie Mode mod and the Among Us Proximity Chat mod.

These mods are a ton of fun and can be played for free on Android or PC! Mods: What You Need To Know

Since the mods hosted on are created by members of the community and not directly supported by Innersloth, you might be skeptical to play.

We can assure you that the community and developers that support are doing their best to create safe environment for custom Among Us games.

Because the project is small and community funded, server size is limited to about 11,500 players at a time.

This can be frustrating when many players are looking to play custom Among Us game at the same time.

The team at is doing their best to support the customer server and expand server size. You can help by donating to them for larger server space!

The Future of Among Us Mods

While Among Us has already been out for over 2 years, custom servers only began popping up a few months ago.

Among Us developers Innersloth most likely never imagined that their game would produce custom community servers.

While the game itself is fun, community mods add a whole other level of gameplay to an already action packed experience.

While there is no word from Innersloth on implementing any type of custom game modes, we can only assume that they are inevitable.

The developers would be hurting themselves by not giving the community what it wants. Custom games are awesome and are growing in popularity every day.

We can only hope Innersloth is watching closely and taking notes. Hopefully we will see custom games implemented in 2021!

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