Slime Tower Tycoon is a brand new tycoon-style game that launched on Roblox on August 21st, 2022 & has since racked up over 7M+ visits.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started & begin building your tower from noob to pro!

What is Slime Tower Tycoon on Roblox?

Like many other tycoon games, the goal of Slime Tower Tycoon is to build up your tower & unlock better slimes to grow your slime farming empire.

The better, higher-level slimes you unlock, the more droplets & coins you earn. You can then use these coins to purchase additional slimes, upgrade your cauldron rate & increase your overall slime output.

Slime Tower Tycoon Noob to Pro Guide

When you first load in, the game will show you a small tutorial that gives you the basics of how to play.

In case you missed the tutorial, here is a simple rundown of how to play:

  • You are given one basic slime on spawn. Please wait for it to produce some droplets & then collect them from the collection area at your tower

  • Once you collect some droplets, take them to the droplet deposit zone & your cauldron will begin to process them into $.

  • Then, use your earned $ to purchase another slime by stepping on top of the green +1 slime button. This adds a new slime to your tower & increases your droplet output.

  • After a few slimes are in your tower, you can stop on the blue “merge” button, combining all of your current slimes into an even stronger slime that produces more droplets.

  • AFK for a while to let your droplets build up and stack up a lot of $. Remember to upgrade your cauldron rate often & also purchase more slimes when you can afford them.

Remember that the price to upgrade your cauldron & buy more slimes increases each time you upgrade it.

Types of Slimes

all types of slimes slime tower tycoon roblox

Merging your slimes in this game will create a higher-tiered slime that produces more droplets. There are currently 16 slimes tiers available in the game.

  1. Green – 1 slime – 1x bonus
  2. Blue – 3 slimes – 1.5x bonus
  3. Orange – 9 slimes – 2x bonus
  4. Purple – 27 slimes – 4x bonus
  5. Crimson – 81 slimes – 6x bonus
  6. Blazing – 243 slimes – 8x bonus
  7. Rainbow – 486 slimes – 10x bonus
  8. Void – 972 slimes – 11x bonus
  9. Angelic – 1,944 slimes – 12x bonus
  10. Diamond – 3,888 slimes – 13x bonus
  11. Vampiric – 11,644 slimes – 13.5x bonus
  12. Mecha Dragon – 34,922 slimes – 14x bonus
  13. Red Neon – 139,968 slimes – 14.5x bonus
  14. Green Neon – 419,904 slimes – 15x bonus
  15. Blue Neon – 1,259,424 slimes – 15.5x bonus
  16. Void Neon – 2,519,424 slimes – 16x bonus

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about getting started growing your tower & going from noob to pro in Slime Tower Tycoon!

Look out for more cool updates & new slimes to be added soon. This challenging tycoon will take you many hours of grinding to become a pro, so get started immediately!

You can also AFK for a few hours using an auto clicker to keep you logged in without having to play so that you can earn a lot of droplets.