Sony has recently declared that it will shut down Funimation, a popular anime streaming service, on April 2, 2024. This move will transition its members to Crunchyroll, another leading platform in the anime streaming world.

This decision, although anticipated by some, has caused a stir among subscribers, mainly because it means losing access to purchased Funimation digital copies.

Subscribers looking to move from Funimation to Crunchyroll will face a price hike effective from their next billing cycle. However, Sony offers an option for users to cancel their Funimation subscription and receive a refund. This information was detailed in a FAQ released yesterday.

The FAQ also highlighted a significant drawback for users: Crunchyroll does not support Funimation digital copies. This means that users will no longer have access to their previously purchased digital content on Funimation.

Despite this, Sony assures customers that they are working to enhance content offerings on Crunchyroll and encourages users to explore its extensive anime library.

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For those interested in migrating their data, the process involves logging into Crunchyroll with Funimation credentials. Users should receive a prompt to transfer their data automatically. Crunchyroll’s support team can assist if this prompt does not appear.

This transition marks a significant change in the anime streaming landscape, with Sony consolidating its services under the Crunchyroll brand. While this move may offer a more unified platform for anime enthusiasts, it also brings challenges and changes that users will need to navigate.